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work half day - 12 hours a day will do.

🌈 784 – Wed 28 Sep 23:46 2022 


Woke up early 05:50 sharp, wide up.. cold outside and still dark. Ate breakfast Tuna and Chickpeas, sat and meditated for 5 min, went to the gym at 06:50 Pure Gym Oval, and had a really really good workout did upper body, luckily the gym was not too busy. Did 5 sets of 8 reps x pull-ups on the bar, then did a flat bench barbell press 5 sets x 8 reps.. then did 5 sets of droplets of Shoulders on the machine and then 4 sets of Abs drop sets on the machine.. and I felt jolly good?

Got home, showered, HBD messages on the chat family group, Aunt messaged, i replied only to mother, said I’m getting ready, have to leave for work.

The pound fell below the dollar today. The market is going crazy.

Got to work at 8:50, cold but the draft was fine. Did reports until 2 pm. Then sat on the other side and did a policy doc update, and left work at 4:30 pm .. 5:15 I was home, mother phoned, we spoke for a bit, then went to the gym again 2nd time, did 4 sets of Pull-ups and a drop set of Shoulders on the machine and left 15 min.. Was feeling jolly good again?

Home dinner.. Laal Bagara-aur-Jhinge, and a coffee.. 08:40 brother phoned.. we spoke and he said he’s becoming Suppa Nati and we laughed and laughed so much.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Felt so grateful for buying the coil bike lock then a bar lock.
  • Felt grateful for wearing the thicker jacket when I left home.
  • Feeling grateful for the reliability of the bike.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, leaner, stronger, happier richer and wake up sharp and make to the gym before work and then have a productive productive productive yet a relaxing day tomorrow and then the rest of the coming weekend, and all negative patterns please get deleted now.

Goodnight, goodluck.. Ash