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🌈 758 – Thu 23 Aug 23:35 2022


Subha utha tha.. Bahar barish thi. I woke and I saw outside and there was rain and I glared to see if it and it was heavy.. the drops were heavy and fast and everywhere was wet. I looked at the road, the road by the Cricket ground and it was quiet. The builders who demolised the Oval theatre hadn’t started work yet either.. and then I realised I can neither go to the gym nor take the bike to work.

7:15 ate breakfast Tuna and Chickpeas and then had a shower and offered 2 x Rakaths of Fajr and then 2 x Rakaths of Salah tu Hajath and wore a bright white shirt and dark blue trousers, red trainers and left home got to Oval tube station, lot of people were underground but not as much as it was before Covid. It was fairly busy. Before Lockdown London underground Northern line going from Oval to Bank would’ve been packed with backs touching others. So just grateful for the way it is now alas..

So they say will there be an ever, a way we learn before and not after? perhaps it won’t be a lesson then.

Oval to Kennington by Northern Line, change to Northbound Northern line to Embankment and from there District line tube to St. James park station. I take my bike every day so I know the roads, I took the train today and I was lost as I got off the station, I followed the crowd and it was the opposite way exit to walk to work from the station and the rain was still heavy. I had left my brolly at work yesterday a sudden decision to leave bag and laptop at work to separate life and work and I already need that backup brolly which’s been always been in the backpack.

Wandered around a few min in rain, stood under one roof where these guys from one office were smoking outside, checked my phone to see the maps then start walking again.. Work went smooth.. All tasks were done, first reports then pulled some data and made a skills map in the afternoon after lunchtime.

I left work around 4:30, there was no rain outside and the floor was wet and it’s too beautiful of a day to take the hot stuffy dungeony underground back. no no no! I started walking by the Westminster pier, Church street, Lambeth bridge, Royal Vauxhall Tavern and back to Oval.

Dad messaged goodnight at 17:35 on family group WhatsApp, I replied, goodnight and he phoned straight away, said he just spoke to brother and then ringed me, Mother already sleeping and he slept during the day so he’s up now, will sleep soon, I said goodnight and I was in the hangry mood.. Hungry and angry.. and I phoned him back in 5 min saying, I’m sorry If I didn’t speak properly, just coming home from work and I walked back home so feeling the ugh. he said, I didn’t mind.. Get something to eat and I made egg fried rice the Khagina and had an early supper and I was home until 19:55 and then found myself at the gym at 20:15.. A lot of people were at the gym, I did 4 x sets of pull-ups on the machine and 4 x sets of Incline bench press, 4 x drops sets of Shoulders on the machine and then 4 x sets of Abs on the machine on my way out.. a lady gave up the Abs machine for me, and said I wouldn’t let you go., you have the machine please,. you have it. .no you have it.. no please you do.. I wont’ let you go..

Walked back home 20:45.. made Spaghetti, Kawab, Jhinge and Tomato sauce and ate while watching Netflix. Is this what life is? eating, sxxxxxg, fighting and waking up again tomorrow and doing the same things.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Dads call.
  • Felt grateful there was no rain when I left work this eve.
  • Feeling grateful something was able to get on the paper tonight.. What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer, and have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet productive day tomorrow and then the rest of the long bank-holiday weekend fullly serviced.. Goodnight, Goodluck.. Ash


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