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🌈 747 – Wed 10 Aug 23:24 2022


It’s so hot I turned all lights off. Moon was there yesterday but the moon is not there today and then it appeared behind the clouds and now it’s huge huge huge inside my window while I type.

Woke up early 5 am ate breakfast Tuna and mediated 15 min, did 5 x 7 reps incline pushups legs up on the bed and then on the sofa, then had a shower, offered 2 x Rakaths of Fajr and then 2 x Rakaths of Salah to Hajath, wore blue shirt white stripes and navy blue trousers, red trainers, went downstair, took the pump with me, checked the air in the cycle and pumped it and left home at around 07:35.. Chale chalo.. Bismillahi Tavakkaltu Allalhaha.. SubhanAllaha hi Sakharlana Haza Wama Kunna Lahul Mukhrileen.. Wa inaa ila Rabbina Lamun Khaliboon.. SubhanAllaha.. SubhanAllaha.. SubhanAllaha.. Alhamdulillahah.. Alhamdulillaha.. Alhamdulillaha.. Allaha hu Akbar… from Oval station via Vauxhall bridge and passed Tate on the left and biked up to Westminster.. 8:05 I got to work. Work was cool. started with training at 8:30… 09:30 bosses came and asked, Ash, are you ready? I said 2 min.. and rushed needed to go to a meeting. My first meeting walked to another building, it went, I was taking minutes.. Got back around 12:00 back, straight to my desk. Ate soaked Chickpeas, and Almonds for lunch and worked on some graphs all afternoon.. Left work 16:30.. Cycled back, via Lambeth bridge, Vauxhall RVT, turned towards NineAlms and went to Sainsbury’s Argos there I had reserved a dictation machine to use for minutes at meetings for about £49.00 then while I was there inside I decided to walk around Sainsbury’s bought, Rice, Chicken, Apples, and Tuna and a can opener about around £16.00 something.. Biked back via Fentiman Arms on Fentiman Road back to Clapham road to home at Oval around 17:20. I was feeling so hot, the shirt was getting wet. Another heatwave in London. Was freezing at the office around 3 pm so I put a jumper on but outside it’s hot. London’s getting really hot these days.. 18:19 I took nap and didn’t wake up until 19:53 and then 20:00. Got ready and left home at 21:30 went to the gym, had a really really really really really really good workout. Did upper body 4 x sets of 8 reps Pull-ups on the bar as a warm-up and then, 4 x sets of drop sets shoulders on the machine, 4 x sets of dips on the. bar and 4 x set sof Abs on the machine on my way out and left the gym just after 10 pm, came home bit late dinner made the chicken wings I bought earlier ate watching Narcos, last but one episode of the 3rd season.. 3 things I felt grateful for today, 1) so grateful the day has gone with no regrets. 2) so grateful for getting a bike had made it so much easier. 3) grateful for supermarkets, they have most things at one place.. What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times, stronger, happier, richer and leaner and have a relaxing relaxing realxing yet productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns, please get deleted now.. Goodnight, goodluck.. Ash