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🌈 740 – Tue 2 Aug 23:58 2022


Kya likhoo? Pyar kheechre. Neend aari.. baazo candle lagi hui hai.. Andhera chahaya hua hai. Kal subha office jana hai, paidal jaana hai. Subah jaldi uthna bhi hai.. Allaha madad kar.

Aaj subah I woke up early around 5:40. Ate can of a Tuna and medited 15 min and went to gym. Did upper body, 4 x sets of 8 reps Arnold press, 4 x sets of 8 reps Rear delt flyes and 4 x sets 8 reps of Lateral Raises dumbell, 4 x sts of Barbell front raise, 4 x sets of Barbell upright rows.. and then 4 x sets drop sets of shoulders on the machine and then finally dips 4 sets. .and then finally 4 x sets drop sets of Abs on the machine on my way out and got home around 07:33..

Had a shower.. another bud bud bud.. Offered 4 x Rakaths of Farj Salah and then 2 Rakaths of Salah tu Hajath.. and got ready and wore light green soft shiny cloth shirt and dark kanjal green light shiny stripe trousers and red trainers and walked up the Westminster from Oval.

The weather is so good. No too hot, not too cold and I didn’t sweat walking.. walked and walked.. got there around 08:45. Last night I did some trainings on Gantts charts. I sat at my desk and looked up and there were 2 tvs one red and one green and I had a moment there.

Walked home via Westminster cathedral, got home in no time walking and took nap. woke up and ordered a bike, to deliver tomorrow, a bike, a helmet and a bike lock and pump. But the pump was out of stock but it’s in store, so I’ll have to go collect it from the Wandsworth road Argos Sainsbury’s.

One fly is sitting on my screen now. When all this dark matter has taken over at this time of the night there is only one light around, 2 lights, one candle next to me flicking and one laptop screen and this fly wonder where it lives stuck in this room with me probably until somehow the dark matter disappears and the sun comes out.

3 things feeling grateful for today

  • So I can go satisfied to bed today that I wrote something.
  • Grateful for candles.
  • Grateful for these days and nights..

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, bigger, confidentier, happier and richer tomorrow and have a nice relaxing great yet productive Wednesday tomorrow and then the rest of the week, and all negative patterns, please get removed now and get to sleep easily. Goodnight, goodluck. Ash