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🌈 735 - Wed 20 Jul 23:50 2022LondonWhen you wake up in the morning praise the Lord.. When you wake up in the morning praise the lord.. When you wake up in the morning praise the lord, when you wake up in the morning praise the lord.. 4 times.. It's 4 times okay. It gives me comfort whenever I sing it. Hopefully, I will wake up tomorrow in the mood to praise the Lord. Just like today I woke up, I offered a Durud, then I quickly did a few affirmations and got up the bed around 5:55 AM.. It was a bit grey outside in the morning after 40-degree heat yesterday and finally, in the evening it rained a bit yesterday It felt so relieved after such a hot day. First time ever UK weather went up to 40 degrees yesterday. Today was grey no Sun but quite mild weather. Went to the gym at 6:30 AM. Did upper body, first did 4 x sets of 8 reps pull up on the bar, 4 x sets Barbell curls, 4 x sets Alternating Dumbell Hammer curls, 4 x sets of Rope Hammer curls, 4 x sets Shoulders on the machine and finally 4 x sets of Abs on the Machine. I was feeling really really good when I left the gym, jogged back home, Sun was coming out. It was getting busier outside. Got home, showered, shaved and offered 2 rakaths of Fajr Salah, 4 rakaths Ishan, and 3 Magrib also. It's the middle of the night now some crazy guy is singing loudly downstairs and going.. Must be in a good mood. He laughed so loudly now. he ha ha ha ha.. !!! (loud) I left home at 8:33 sharp and walked to work, Westminster by Albert Embankment. A lot of people walk to work here, work day was fine, had some meetings some catch up's and then at lunchtime around 13:30 I ate roast vegetables and salad with a pint of cold milk. After work went for drinks with workmates in the bar at work by the river, was a beautiful day, was one of the guys leaving do. Walked back home around 19:00... got I found myself in bed at 19:30 took a nap and got up at 20:10.. Ate dinner, meat, roti and Dahi I was still with the Dastar Khan at 21:35 and brother phoned mother also spoke, dad went to bed.. it was 23:35 there for them in KSA. Brother was packing parent's bags, and I said I just ate. We spoke for a while and hung up, then I ironed shirt for tomorrow and now sitting and typing hoping to wake up early too. 3 things I felt grateful for today When I walked back home I reached so quickly I was so glad. For wireless headphones are so useful. So grateful for Air. What would it take for tomorrow to be a magical day and for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, easier, quicker, efficientier, and richer and have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing yet productive Thursday's work tomorrow? and all negative patterns please leave now immediately... Goodnight, goodluck. Ash.. sleep sleep sleep..

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