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greatest secret

It's okay to take risks. It's okay to fail.

🌈 733 – Mon 18 Jul 23:57 2022


So hot hot hot hot day today. I sweated like anything. I had a backpack on and I walked through and back to work by the river.

Golden brown once again shined so strong today.

Monday Monday Monday, Monday was here. Monday Monday Monday everybody loves Monday.

Woke up early and got ready and left for work, walked from Oval towards, Lambeth bridge then Westminster bridge. Work went cool. Had lunch at the restaurant by the river. Ate Pasta bolognese. Walking back home I saw something so beautiful. My heart went la lala .. and I walked.. turned a few times but just walked.

Got home, I felt so hot, I jumped straight in the mild cold shower. I got out and checked phone and 18 min ago missed call from brother from KSA how was your day.. we spoke for a bit. He was on AL but went into work to finish something, and dropped Pappa at the park, and Mamma and Bhabijaan are at home, later they are all gonna go to the park. I thought that was nice.

The importance of flexible thinking…

Our successor to Prime Minister is still not chosen. Ukraine’s still invaded by Russia.. and oil prices around the world still too high and Heatwave in England for the first time ever.. Global warming is real.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • God thank you so much for another day
  • When I took the shirt out to wear this morning, didn’t need to iron it. I was so happy and grateful
  • The time shrunk at one point for me to finish some woke I was so glad.

The sleep is coming.. the peaceful sleep is coming.. because I typed something.. so the sleep is coming.. the sleep is coming.. The satisfying sleep is coming.. The sleep is coming. The sleep is coming. (singing)

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer tomorrow and have a relaxing relaxing relaxing yet another productive day tomorrow? and all negative patters and lessons for tomorrow please be Kind.. The sleep is coming. The sleep is coming.. Goognight, Goodlcuk. Ash..