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🌈 728 – Wed 13 July 2022 23:27 2022


So noisy outside. So so noisy right now. Past 2 min I do not know what is going on in Sky.. I hear a flight, a helicopter and another helicopter in the far.. and there is another motor noise and a huge police siren just went by.. these are the noises I’m hearing.

Since I left the window open because it is so so so so hottt…. I shut the window now so I can concentrate. It’s so hot so I turned all the lights off. The fridge is the only one making noise in the flat now.

Right, woke up early. Logged in work. Did some work and then went to the gym, and did Bicycle class 30 min. Got home and sat back at the desk, 10:00 AM huddle went well. I said I have some CSO actions, all yesterday’s ones are done and I’ve just been given some urgent ones. So I’ll be working on them. That’s from me, have a nice day guys bye! One friend said, she’s got the new laptop and couldn’t get the camera to make it work, and I said, there is a button on the top to slide.. and it worked, It was funny. I had raised a ticket for that with IT in the past.

I had 3 actions to finish, 2 uploads, 1 voice recording, 1 bundle to Rep. I gave my blessings to each and every person who came in contact as a name.

Around 11:40 my old friend from work Rxx messaged, she got me Haldi, before Covid while in the office. We spoke for a bit.

11:30 New manager from the new work phoned asking if everything was okay and where he’ll meet me to pick me up on the first day.

12:00 got ready and ran to gym and attended the Body pump class. 12:15 to 12:45 good workout. Jogged back home. Had a shower, offered Zohr Namaz, 4 Rakaths and then offered 2 Rakaths Fajr also khaza. then made lunch.

Alu, Tamata, Chawal and Kabab aur Anda. Ate lunch time and sat back at desk working and brother messaged he was about to offer Magrib salah, and he reminded me to say the last Sabla of Bakrid after Magrib x 6 times. “Allah hu akbar, Allahua akhar, laailaaha illallahau Allahha hu Akbar Allaha Hu Akbar Walilallahahul hamd”.

Then mother spoke for a bit, then father woke for from sleep and wazu for Magrib and he spoke for a bit.. Rest of the afternoon work went smooth, just been downloading the things I’d like to carry forward and logged off around 4:30..

Went to Tesco.. got some yoghurt, lemons, Tuna and Apples, and walked back.. such a warm and lovely day.

A Canadian friend who lives at Camberwell messaged that he’d call around at 19:30 for a chat I said yes, at 19:00 he said, there is fire alarm went at his place and then he gave 19:50 eta and he came sharp.. that was sweet.

I ate dinner after he left, and then checked clothes for Friday the first day.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • For the energy to do 2 workouts.
  • For supermarket Tesco and the lady there, she allowed doing 2 transactions so they can give me cash back.
  • Grateful for Apples.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer tomorrow and have a relaxing yet productive Thursday filled with love, positive energy and optimism and all negative patterns please get removed now.. Night, good luck. Ash


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