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Confidence is quiet.

🌈 720 – Tue 5 Jul 23:32 2022


Nice warm and pleasant day today..

Woke up early 6:45, and was feeling good. It was already bright outside.

Logged in work sharp at 8 am. Woke was cool, did a CTA and then I have got some redactions to carry on tomorrow, was a good day at work.

Lunchtime sharp, 13:00 my friend Rxxx cal’d from Australia, we were chatting, she was talking about the last trip she went, we spoke up 13:17 and the hung up. I got ready and went running.

Ran from Oval to Vauxhall bridge, I was going to do a reluctant turn around the Lambeth bridge but I still went up to Westminster bridge, and took the turn around, by St. Thomas. there were a lot of people around Big ben and also on the bridge.

I have been fasting today for Bakrid, got home, had a shower and offered Fajr and Zohr Salaah together and sat back at the desk. The rest of the afternoon went well. I texted brother around 15:30, he said he was at work, later he sent the pic of a new sitting chair and they were all taking pix inauguration it.

Logged off work at 16:30, texted mate Jxxx that I will be beginning the new job from the 15th of July at the Hxxxx xx xxxxxxx and asked him to give my regards to Ms Sxxxxx. He replied at around 21:47, Congratulations!!! hope it goes well! I will say hello to Sxxxxx.

I broke my fast around 21:22, and ate while watching tv. I ate so much that my tummy was so full.

It’s 01:13 now Wed 6 Jul 01:13 and I’m feeding Chane and Badam, the next Roza is going to start in a few minutes.

3 things I feel grateful to

  • The books on the audible keeping me company at this time.
  • Grateful for the anticipation of the next fast coming forward.
  • So happy and grateful for the internet not playing up as the rest of the day it was.

What would it take tomorrow to be another wonderful day? What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer and be able to finish all tasks by afternoon and take a break in the afternoon and have a relaxing yet another productive day of the week..? and all negative patterns deviating please get deleted now!


Insecurity is loud.