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🌈 636 – Thu 24 Feb 23:57 2022


Day and Day I sat down to type and then moved onto eBay browsing stuff.. is this procrastination?

Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. Instead of doing the work you should be doing, you either find an excuse not to do, or make you’re self busy, or spill something instead and start cleaning the whole flat when you know you should be sitting down and at least investing 15 min to your task.

7: 20 AM Woke up early.. Slept a bit funny last night but woke up sharp.. It was wet, cold and grey in London and it rained in the morning the first half but it was not soo cold tbh.

A mate said he’s cleaners are visiting him in the morning for 2 hours and he needs to get out, so he came to me around 11AM . stayed for an hour or so.. and left. We spoke about when is he going to sit down to write something. ?

He said he want’s to be an expert before he can put some lines on paper, I said, you’ll become an expert once you sit down to write.. he said, what if what I was saying is not entirely right as I evolve and learn every day.

I said it’s never going to end, you’re always going to learn every day.

A lot of people will have family, kids, offsprings, grandkids etc.. so they give birth, look after family, feed, grow the kids and send them into the world like my parents did with me to now sit here and write.

So our parents are finding value in life and proving values to the life by giving birth, looking after kids.. and people who do not choose that life perhaps you should find what you’re good at and how are you going to leave your mark on the planet?

Certainly, have to leave something behind? agree? What shall we do? you can start with thinking positive about others.

13:14 I found myself on my desk, on my laptop doing something.. First the HTML and then the book and then the website.

14:20 Swimming booked at the Vauxhall leisure centre, raining outside but it had just stopped and I wondered why did I even book swim at this time and when the weather is like this. I was in closed doors and I hadn’t realised what it was outside.

When you make a commitment you finish it so later, I felt glad for booking.. got there sharp and swam for like 40 min.. got home made lunch / brunch / dinner Beef, tomatos, rice, lentils and ate eating Persian agency on Netflix.

17:30 I found myself on my desk, mother phoned, I said the time was 17:30 she was going bed, we spoke and had a brief convo..

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • For these tracksuit bottoms, I’m wearing so grateful so comfy.
  • Grateful for humans inventing wetwipes.
  • Grateful for all the luxuries we have.


What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, bigger, happier, and richer tomorrow and have a relaxing relaxing relaxing yet productive productive productive day tomorrow? and then the coming all weekend?

Goot night and good luck.. yes it’s goot.. I will write anything and you can go and write too.

Ciao .. bye Ash!