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🌈 624 – Fri 11 Feb 23:57 2022

It’s just become 00:00.. so it’s Saturday now. Happy Birthday Saturday. It seems before midnight it was Friday and after midnight I just entered into Saturday. Happy Birthday Saturday. You go and come back every week.

24 hours from now all of us humans collectively call the time of the next 24 hours Sunday. We all do together.. and then comes 24 hours of Monday and then comes 24 hours of Tuesday and then comes.. Wednesday, Thursday Friday and again Saturday.

Why don’t you include called a Poopday in between Saturday and Sunday?

And then all those hours are collectively calling years. and you count those years.

Smile. Smile. Smile. Smile.

Woke up very early today, I was feeling so good. Went for a run in the morning before work, Ran around from Oval tube station to Vauxhall bridge and then Lambeth bridge and back home. It was cold outside.

Sat at my desk 10 am huddle meet went well. Then we had another meeting we were discussing something redactions, and then at 11:30 I got a msg from a budda saying he’s in Pimlico and he wants to come around, I said, ok fine but the builders are making a huge noise demolishing the next door oval Cricket ground. He said he doesn’t mind at least people won’t hear us. He called around 12 older chap but didn’t age, just the face became so wide.. asked me to sit on him first and then asked to flip around, and then left his huge load inside.. paid £120 + tenner for good luck,

13:20 I booked a swim slot at the Vauxhall leisure centre, got there nice and easy, shower room I spoke to this long-haired guy, who we’ve been crossing path for many days but never spoke, another warrior like us, swimming 5k per day each day. I said I don’t count how many I swim, I usually start counting and then go into thoughts.

14:10 got back to the desk, few bundle upload actions were waiting, quickly finished all tasks because Friday is getting late, 15:00, I got off the desk to offer Friday prayer because the Wadoo was still there from the shower earlier, offered 4 Rakath Friday namaz and then read the Yasin Surah.. the time was getting close to 15:30.. I had some more work to finish which I quickly finished, 15:35 I don’t know how I felt like, just leaving, I took all the cash that I have been saving all these days, I thought I could do many things if there was cash in the account so I rushed through, I left home, crossed the road and asked the guy in the car standing at the traffic to drop me at the Camberwell, I said please, he was like, I don’t know you, but ok, come in. He was on the call with a lady, I don’t what the purpose was, what was God trying to teach me or him at that time, rushed me to the street and then made me ask for a lift (help) to a stranger and that guy coming and helping. anyway, I got to the back and 3:57 pm and it was already closed and they were having some huddle inside the staff, it seems if the Lloyds bank Camberwell, they say on the website until 4 pm but they close the doors before that so they get ready whatever. then the website shouldn’t say that! I rushed through to get there by 4 pm. that’s not right. I just walked back home, and sat at my desk working the rest of the evening.

Mother phoned, I said about having AL in March and probably planning to come home in March and we had a fight.

Stayed in the rest of the night and just did this and that.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • I got a lift from Oval up to Camberwell from some van guy going that way
  • Grateful for the eggs I ate tonight.
  • Grateful for sleep which is coming now.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer tomorrow? and have a very very very relaxing yet productive day tomorrow and then the weekend.