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🌈 601 – Mon 10 Jan 23:48 2021


Time stops for no one. Time is just going and going and going..and then after a few hours people will wake up and then expect me to be there at the Time that they are also going to be doing the same thing..

Woke up early. it was so cold and freezing. I slept on shorts, I put a tracksuits bottoms on as soon as I woke up and I put my jumper on the radiator so it can get a bit warm when I wear are I pee.. I jumper was warm when I put it on. My mother had sent me a beautiful picture of hers last night from the past, I don’t know why she felt like doing that. Anyway felt so happy seeing that.

Logged in work sharp at 8 am.. Monday back to work, Was okay. Worked through until 1pm lunch time I took and 13:15 Abs class booked at the pure gym oval. I saw this PT for so many years we never acknowledged each either. Was finally nice to be in the class.. some funny Abs workouts.

Just when I thought I’m not gonna type anymore and go to bed I found a last biscuit in the bag. I was given a treat to eat and finish the dairy and sleep.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • How close my flat to the tube station is, I didn’t really need to wear a jacket in the cold, not a lot of walking in the street.
  • Grateful for the sleep which is coming now.
  • Grateful for the human healing process.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger happier and richer tomorrow? and what would it take my tomorrow meeting to go very eloquently xx night !

Good night good luck.. Ash .