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🌈 583 – Tue 07 Dec 2021 23:45


Just make a cuppa .. Tea. felt like making an Indian tea with full milk and no water. It’s almost midnight and I have this craving of eating or drinking something sweet. I ate all the cookies this week from my last visit to the supermarket. They are all finished and then this week I had also polished the last left off the Nutmeg from the jar.

Put a pot on the hot stove and add 2 glasses of milk, and then add at least 2 pinche’s of Tea powder, if you don’t have tea powder tea 2 tea bags, then add 2 x spoons of sugar and let it all boil for about 5 minutes until the milk reaches it’s the boiling point and it starts coming up.. use a filter and pour it in a cup. this is how you make Indian tea with milk. I just made one and it was good.

Woke up at 7:30. I was feeling good.. Logged in to work sharp at 08;07.. working from home. before work mediated 15 min.. work went cool.. it had been raining all day today. It was a bit cold, I had turned the extra radiator on during the day. A friend from Grindr popped in around 12:45 and left around 13:28.. was good. he said he works at Chanel 4 as a data analyser. It was fun.

I logged sharp around 2 pm. It had been raining, water was coming inside the window so had to shut the tiny inchy winchy space the air was supposed to come in.. Work went cool the rest of the day and logged off around 16:20.

16:50 got ready and then went to the gym, the rain took a break at that time.. the pure gym Oval, I know, it’s raining and it’s Tuesday and there is Covid so I know there ain’t gonna be a lot of people and there were not a lot of people,, I went in nice and easy. I was feeling good and strong.

I did an Arms workout, 4 x sets of Tricep presses on the bench, then 4 x sets of Stretch skull crushers, then Rope Tricep extensions, then 4 x sets of EZ bar extensions, then 4 x sets of Barbell curls and 4 x sets of Caveman curls and 4 x sets of Sitting hammer curls… ALL OF THE IN ABOVE 50 minutes.. I was out from the gym in less than an hour at 18:00 I found myself looking at my phone and time next to Oval church whilst I was walking back from the gym.

Came home, made dinner Chicken, rice, lentils, eggs, spaghetti, chicken, oranges, milk, jam, almonds, chickpeas 2 x cans of Tuna.. 1 x red pepper, is all the food I ate today.. and ate dinner watching Seinfeld was funny. that girl Eline is so a brilliant actor.

20:30.. around YouGov had sent me a survey to complete. YouGov is a market research company, they do all these surveys for and on behalf of the government, normal people like me can register and do the surveys they send me and I gain points for giving my time and answering some questions. I did 2 surveys so far and I gained 350 points and when I make 5000 points YouGov will credit my bank account cash of £50. (5000 points you get £50)

21:45 just sitting down to eat and bother started messaging on WhatsApp from KSA. he’s excited that he’s newly wed wife is going to him in 4 days so exciting for all the family.

01:08 AM now.. I have to go to bed. in the morning tomorrow at 7:30 to 8:00 AM I have absolute Abs class booked at the gym. I have to be up for it. Abs will be sticking out soon.. are you jealous?

3 x things I felt grateful for today

  • My desk and comfortable chair I sit on it.
  • Grateful for the metal that existed on the planet
  • Grateful for radio waves. My radio is playing

Whatw would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier and make it to the class and then have a productive yet relaxing day tomorrow and all negative patterns blocking for this to happen please get delete now

Good night, always good luck.