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🌈 563 – Thu 14 Oct 23:56 2021


Woke up early. still dark outside. Felt good. Meditated 15 min. Started packing.. then later around 11:30 I got ready and walked up to Leicester square, to Euro exchange, exchanged all the foreign currency I had and he gave me around £77. I then walked back to Charring cross, Lloyds bank on my way back home updated my new address then via Embankment station and over the bridge I walked back home to Vauxhall..

Walked back home.. rested for a little bit, mother messaged while walking back. Txted back after I got home.. got some boxes to move.

Came home around 4:30 pm.. made dinner chicken rice, ate. and then started packing.. Parents went to cousin’s wedding. brother phoned around 9:30 pm.. spoke to him a few min and then started packing. packing and packing..

3 x thing I felt grateful for today

  • for energy to walk all over today
  • grateful for the chicken, I ate.
  • Grateful for colour green.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, healthier and richer tomorrow? night. go to bed! x Ash!