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🌈 560 – Mon 11 Oct 23:33 2021


Aha aha Aha.. aha. Aha.. Aha…. made it to 560 time to celebrate.

Thank you thank thank you thank you God for each and every day! for giving one day after another.. It becomes day and then becomes dark. The light comes and then goes. It’s 23:37 now exactly and it seems for another 20 minutes they it call Monday and then when it hits 00:00 they start calling it Tuesday.. then they say it’s Wednesday then they call Thursday.. followed by Friday, then it seems Saturday and the time comes they say, Sunday and then Monday again.. Why don’t you put a “Poo day” in between that Sunday and Monday? HA!

I woke up early today, did not look at the time. Was feeling good. Sun was not out. Bed felt cold. The heating was on. It was still dark but was good. Sat meditated for 15 min then rushed into my office room and turned the laptop on. Today at 12 pm was the deadline for applying for the manager’s role at work so I had to finish the application in the morning.

Sat on my desk just working. Dad phoned around 10:55.. I was working on the deadline and I was trying to keep calm. Submitted it exactly at 11:59. the HR received an email notification came at 11:59 I felt relieved.

Always look for opportunities to grow. Keep building a growth mindset, be curious and excited about things.

Around 4:30 pm I got ready and walked up to 56 dean street so walked through Vauxhall via Albert embankment, then Westmister by Parlament, then Trafalgar square and then towards Leicester square, missed the 5pm close time of the Euro exchange in Leicester square. It’s in very busy central they can at least keep it open until 6 PM. I walked through China town, was gonna get some buns but it was very busy was a big q so got out and then walked back again the same way via Horseguards parade. Mother phoned while I was on Westminster bridge, they were playing some instruments on the bridge and mother was asking are you sitting with the music on?

I walked back home went to Sainsbury’s on my way and bought Chicken thighs, rice and a small Onion. I put the Onion in my pocket jacket and carried the Chicken box and Rice pack in my hand and it was just getting the evening time around 6:15 pm.. and everyone was looking at my hand what is he going to cook tonight? I want to save plastic.

Walked home, made dinner watched Truman on Netflix while eating. Txted brother what he was up to he didn’t reply. Callum messaged me around 8:30 sending me the Disney villains ball show event coming up 28th October. I will probably go.


3 things I felt grateful for today

  • for the energy I felt for walking all over London this evening.
  • Grateful for Dean street clinic being always very helpful.
  • grateful for parents.

What would it take for me and for you to have a productive yet very relaxing day tomorrow? Good night, good luck.. Ash x