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🌈 556 – Thu 7 Oct 23:59 2021


Time kept reminding me around midnight again and again so I logged in to write I was gonna avoid writing instead was going to use the time to update the website but I happened to look at the time 3 times just before midnight so I turned my laptop on and this is what is coming out now as I type..

Sitting on my sofa in my office room, the radio is playing in the kitchen the radiator has just come on so It’s starting to make tick tick tick noise as the hot water is coming into the pipes.. It’s just past midnight and I was preparing for the Triage officer interview tomorrow morning and I had just realized the Scheduling officer role deadline was tomorrow as well so I just finished applying that too.

“Put your head against my life.. What do you hear? A million words just trying to make. The love song of the year..

Close your eyes, but don’t forget What you have heard, A man who’s trying to say three words.. The words that make no sense… A million love songs later.. And here I am trying to tell you that I care..

A million love songs later.. And here I am, here I am.. A million love songs later.. And here I am.. by Take That A million songs had taken my heart today…

Woke up very early today, Sun did not come out.. ate a can of Tuna, mediated for 15 min.. was doing this and that and then slowly getting ready to go to gym then I realised I said I will login work today so I looked at the time and it was 8:20..

I logged in and then I still went to gym, had only done the warm up workout pull ups and a bunch of abs and back at my desk.

Leading the huddle meet went well.. Rather cheerful and live and I was laughing about it all day. Around 11 AM the estate agent that I had been phoning answered the phone for my new flat in Oval. Tomorrow is the viewing at 12:30..

13:30 sharp went to swim booked at the vauxhall leisure centre, stayed in the water until 14:06. back to my desk at 14:20 around.. rest of the day went well.

Phoned Dad around 15:30 and he was driving coming back home from his x works’ party. He said he will phone back later but he didn’t.

Logged off work 18:20.. took a nap 18:35 listening to Hypnotise relaxing video on the Youtube, step util 19:07 got off the bed 19:17 startight to the kitchen made dinner Lentils, Peas, chapati, rice, tuna, a banana, bunch of almonds, 2 eggs, soaked chick peas, and some chatkara is all I ate today.. now just drinking some soa milk before bed.. I love you so much!

What would it take for me and for you to have a complete transformation in every aspect of our lives..?

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • grateful for soy milk
  • grateful for wood
  • Grateful for air..

Night sleep tight and remember sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.. x Ash!