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Best way to get rid of anxiety is to work hard.

In today’s video, we’re going to show you how the digital business system (the SFM) can enables you to have multiple streams of income starting from the get go.


To help you understand how this works, I’m going to compare the business model to franchising. (Did you know that franchises have 90%+ success rate compared to 86% failure rate for typical startups..?)

Franchises are built on proven “business systems” allowing the franchisee the ease of getting into business while bypassing most of the typical start-up hurdles.


Instead of building your business from scratch, you get to focus on building your profits from day one.

Just as with franchising, SFM’s affiliateย business model also features:


  • Reduced risk over-all
  • A small fraction of the cost (compared to starting your own business from scratch)
  • Established, reputable brand/image to leverage
  • Profitable business niche already identified
  • These features provide you incredible advantages such as
  • Be profitable in weeks/months instead of years
  • Little or no prior experience required
  • Ability to replace current income quickly
  • Ability to work from anywhere in the world
  • No worrying about employees, inventory, sales, support
  • Not having to worry about innovating and staying on the “cutting edge”
  • Are you beginning to see the benefits of a business “system”?


As an SFM affiliate, you will get an exact replica of the same marketing system that Iย personally use, fine-tune, tweak, and refine daily.

They have invested millions of dollars in their platform over the last few years and you get the benefit of using it as an authorised affiliate.


To learn more, click here to watch a special 12:44 minutes video hosted by Stu where he explains the “six-figure formula” we use to give you multiple streams of income starting day one.


Then, submit your application – let’s do this together!



All myย best,
Ashย ย 
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