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🌈 541 – Mon 20 Sep 23:42 2021


Woke up early, very early. did not look at the time. Sun was not out. feeling good. Ate a can of Tuna, meditated 15 min.. ate nuts, went to gym.. Had a really really really good work out. Did only 2 x pulls, hands on the dips body weights then did Barbell bench presses, and then Incline dumbell bench presses and then a dropset of shoulders on the machine and a quick Abs drop set on the machine.. probably 35 min or so..

Logged in work sharp. Monday Morning feeling so good.. Sat down done a bunch of work allocated a lot of work and then around 11am Neice had messaged in the family group chat, my brothers newly day before yesterday wed wife is leaving my parents home pix of her leaving and hugging my mother.. I was like aw! mother and daughter in law. hugging I sent a monkey with mouth covered emoji. 🙊 Mother phoned me straight away saying the wedding went well.

Around 11:45 I phoned thames water to cancel the water connection.. and then I phoned the virgin media to ask If I can take the connection with me when I move. then finished some more work.

then 13:00 took the lunch break and went to swim Vauxhall leisure centre. I was feeling great. Not a lot of people.. Found one quiet lane and swam until 2pm. had a shower there and got home and back to desk working.. 14:30 was a Monday huddle meeting that I was chairing went smooth. I was feeling good..

Logged off work at 5 pm.. took a nap for 20 min.. Woke up was feeling good.. Then remembered I had forgotten to finish something from work so I logged back on and finished it quicky in 20 min.. then made chapati and beef stew. and ate it watching Netflix. was nice and feeling so good.. Then just doing this and that, a mate who was in town from Manchaster messaged he’s from Lebabon, he was in the area visiting his girl friends, he said, he was in the student accommodation with a group of people in the lockdown and this girl became his friend. we chilled for a little bit with a splif and he went around mid night..

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • For my tv.
  • for my friend who came to see me
  • for all cats existing on the planet

What would it take for me and for you to wake up tomorrow x 10 times stronger, happier, and have a relaxing yet productive day tomorrow. Ngiht! sleep well x