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🌈 540 – Sat 18 Sep 20:26 2021


Whatever you believe about your body, your cells believe them too. Believe in your perfect health. The more you think, the more energy you give towards it. If you think positive, you will attract positive back in the form of events, circumstances, people, experience, food, and everything that you were thinking about.

So stop thinking.. and start singing.. O.oo baby! O..oo baby! … I wanna feel your heart and would inside me, inside of me, inside of me ooh baby!

Woke up early! I was feeling good. Don’t know the time. Sun was not out. ate a can of tuna. meditated 15 min then was on my laptop rest of the morning. I had asked Siri, Hey Siri set an alarm at 10 AM because I wanted to attend 11 AM’s Yoga at the Pure gym..

Went there, got there 5 min late. the tranny looking trainer was there so was really good, and was really sweet too she corrected me a couple of times so smoothly. Got home was on the laptop again.

Started looking flats online.. so I can move in. What would it take for my next place that I’m going to move in to be more bigger, more flexible, more comforting, more relaxing, more central, much better view, enough to all my family, much cozier and even pay less than what I’m currently paying now.. and everything in the way of that, Please all negative patterns in easy transition of this, please get deleted now!

14:00 I had asked siri to remind me the time so I get ready base studio class. Got there to the beginners moves class for until 4 I was there jumping around. I’m getting really great at it.

I have lot of money in form of metal that have been lying here and there in the shelves, desks, jars I had collected all of it to get rid of it. So yesterday after the beginners move class at 4pm I went to tesco. The tesco replaced all the machines to card only so you can’t up tht cash in. I walked up to the coin box, before covid before their recent renovation they had the machine that you put all the change you have and it gives you cash and they got rid of it.

So the selfcheckout machine is not taking cash anymore, and no more coin exchange machine, I’m not too sure now what to do with all the coins I have. The river can have or the people sitting by the Embankment next time when I walk.

Got home around 5 pm and made dinner.. The violinist opera player friend had popped in to chinwag he was there until midnight. Catching up all the friends one by one after the lockdown.

3 things that I’m grateful for today

  • for the food that I ate today
  • for the farmers who were growing the food in the farms
  • grateful for honeybees on the planet.

what would it take for me and for you to have a relaxing yet productive sunday tomorrow? Night sleep well. x Ash