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🌈 518 – Sat 14 Aug 09:46 2021


Woke up early, I was feeling very good. Sun is inside the clouds it’s bright and not cold.

Happy Birthday to my dear Pappa.. Last night I had messaged in the family group chat.

Ate a can of Tuna, made a cup of tea, and rung him this morning. He asked me what time I have I said, 09:15 Am exact and he said, it was 13:45 for him. We spoke about the construction work going on on the top floors of the parents’ flat and then a few minutes in, Neice and Neph rang him, first he put the speaker on, and then Neph said, I can do a group video call. Dad said yes then Neph made a group call adding all of us.

As soon as Neice and Neph saw me on the cam they said, Mama (uncle) you look like Jesus.. I said, say Mohammad beta (Son). My long beard and uncut since lockdown long hair showing the signs now.

Mamma is mother and Mama is uncle’s mom’s brother in many Asian languages. Beta means Son.

In the call were Neice eating, Neph, Dad, and I .. Was so nice to see them all this morning. It is probably close to 2 years now that I have not seen the family due to Covid.. Yes, I said it’s because of Covid, I could not do any travels.

Neice and Neph started singing. Happy Birthday to Nanna ( grandfather ), Happy birthday to Pappa ( I said ), Dad started singing .. Happy Birthday to Me.. Happy Birthday to mee… xx

Yesterday, the first time in KSA brother was able to go to Umrah. Parents are pleased and proud of him. “What would it take for me and for you to get a chance to go to Umrah as soon as possible and have a best relaxing yet great trip”?

14:00 there and 09:30 for me Neice said, she has an exam at 2 pm, she’s gotta go.. then Dad said mother is serving lunch, I gotta go.. I said ok.. Neph said, oh the battery in the phone is dying.. I got to go.. I said yeah that’s fine.. Just went I was gonna hang up. Dad said, Khaleem beta, Son. Mother is here. Want’s to take to you.. yes, Pappa. I’m there.. yes please, I will talk. Mother took the phone on the video, she looked so nice. she said nothing just kept staring. She said, she just wanted to see me she’ serving lunch for Dad. I asked her if she had eaten she said no, I said perhaps eat with Dad now. she said yes we hung up the phone.

I felt so happy to see Mom and Dad this morning even though on the video call. I was glad i have dressed appropriately and my hair was fine.. I hope and I pray them to be proud of me always.. Pappa Happy Birthday to you once more I love you both..

It’s 10:07 AM Saturday morning.. The “Seventeen going under” song is on the virgin radio playing.. I’m gonna get ready eat something and get to gym soon.

My goals for this weekend.

Gym, Swim, Run, Parents (done), Clean flat, Meditate, Affirmations, Blog ( doing), Clean flat, Cook, Eat well, Mark J Class, Send broadcast email to the email list, A pic on Instagram, update website pages, Trim hair and beard a little..

What would it take for me and for you to have a relaxing yet productive day filled with love, joy, and laughter and finish all the tasks that are planned and also be able to take time and go for a drink with a friend hopefully and all the negative patterns that making it not easy for this to happen please get deleted now!

3 x thing I’m grateful for today.

  • Grateful for Parents.
  • Thank you, God, for their health.
  • Thank you, God, for having Neice, Neph, and dear Sis living closer to my parents.

We should show one another love and help each other. We must pursue happiness and seek to avoid suffering. We should disassociate with everything that sucks the energy out of us. Our self-responsibility is to realize and let go of all negative thoughts and patterns. We must try to achieve happiness by being generous and warm-hearted.

Have a great day! I Love You, Pappa.



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