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🌈 510 – Wed 4 Aug 23:41 2021


Woke up 6:00 AM .. alarm went off.. Sun was bright outside.. the room was bright Sun’s rays were inside. I sat up and I was feeling very great! then checked myself and asked my body.. Body Body what should I do.. “Arms”.. Hmm! needed a bit more rest so no gym. “Swim”.. Arms need more rest so not yet.. “Legs”.. yes! legs feel absolutely great.. let’s go running so I got ready and went to run.. only went up to Lambeth bridge and Vauxhall bridge back home to Oval.

Had logged in to work around 7:30 am.. 8 AM start. It was a good day. CTA to finish and a few bundles to send out. Lunch time, went to swim. 13:20 swim booked at the Vauxhall leisure centre.. went there.. but forgot to take glasses and hat.. but swim shorts, towel, flipflops, ear wax, coin everything else were there. I changed into my shorts and then walked up to the swim guard the guy who sits next to pool watching and there were 2 guys there today one sitting in Red t-shirt and the other one standing next to him in Green t-shirt . Usually there are is only one sitting.. I went up there and the Red shirt guy nodded me so I started talked to him, this guy. I had seen him many times for a year now we walked past and I always thought he was an Axx Hxxxx sometimes when you see someone, even though you don’t know him, you get a weird feeling. and I thought I got that feeling when he came around and then one day, just after the lockdown while they were still following the one way system thing while I had walk all the way 3 floors to get now through he back door.. while I was walking this guys stopped me and said no shoes.. that was the only time I forgot and he was waiting for an opportunity something like this.. It confirmed the truth for my weird feeling for him..

Anyway, that guy turned out to be such a nice guy. I miss judged him. today when I went to ask for glasses and a hat to borrow he was very pleasant and he was also trying to make conversation about the swimmers and body hair why they remove. He said the athlete swimmers remove body hair so that they can swim more fast. that is the reason he said with conviction. I wonder how they are related.. I had also spoken to him last week re glasses my swim glasses were playing up and some reason the water was only going into the right eye all the time and it was getting in my nerve so I went to the pool attended boy the same green t-shirt guy and asked him if there was a spare one and he was nice that day as well. I must have been seeing him for over a year now and I always felt negative towards him and how sweet he is. He used to stare at me at time while I was walking, you can kinda tell when people are looking at you, I think his stare was with affection and I thought otherwise.

“What would it take for all the negative feeling thought emotions that I have created towards this person or someother person like him around me please all patterns relating to that in brain please get deleted now!”

Swam until 13:53 then had a quick shower and got home around 14:07 back at the desk. the rest of the afternoon went well. 17:00 my driver mate Nxxxx came around and we just went out talking, driving.. drove up to Clapham, Balam, Tooting.. drove back to I got off around Stockwell and walked back, got home around 19:20.. took a 15 min nap..

Aroudn 20:00 went into kitchen to make dinner.. Made Lamb with tomatos, rice cooked, Latuce, tomatos, oliveoil pepper, salt salad. The lamb was cooked nice in tomatos.. tasted good..

Ate watching Netflix Anthony Bourdain’s Cologne episode travel show.. then around 21:50 brother phoned from KSA. It was nice to catch up with him we usually speak about child hood food common people we know.. spoke until 23:30 he went to bed.. I started typing..

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for brother
  • for this laptop
  • for air

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times healthier, smarter, richer and happier tomorrow and have a relaxing yet productive day and all negative patterns blocking this to happen please get deleted now!

Good night, good luck.. Ash! x