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🌈 499 – Thursday 22 Jul 23:50 2021


Woke up 7:20.. I was feeling so good. The Sun was coming inside the window it was so bright I slept long so felt so good. Went to the other room turned on the laptop on, started eating the can of Tuna then logged in work, finished the Tuna. Meditated for 15 minutes.. then started working, I got up for breakfast etc but worked the rest of the morning. I finished a lot of work, I’m off all next week so looking forward to Friday.

11:30 phoned nan.. after a long time.. Wanted to wish her the Eid from yesterday, the Eid was day before yesterday in London

13:10 swimming booked at the Vauxhall leisure center. I got there around 13:25.. swan until 13:50 exact.. When I got off the pool, I was breathing very heavy, I didn’t realize that in the water .. got home, back to the desk.. the rest of the afternoon went well..

then spoke to dad told him about western union

then went to run across vauxhll bridge lamebth on my home to draw the money from the atm at the vuxhll walked half way back home then made dinner ate and now tying.


3 thing I’m grateful for tdya

for parents

for my flat

for the energy to sit and type.

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times active energetic and have a realizing yet productive friday tomorrow and then the very realsxing yet productive full week off ahead and all blocking and negative patterns causing things for this to happen smoothly please get deleted now!