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🌈 470 – Fri Jun 23:59 2021


Woke up 7:40.. sat up was going to meditate but by time I sat down it became 8 am. I had to log on to work at 8.. Work was smooth, the system is getting an update CMS system I had used for 6 years is gone and new nexus system will be using.

Mid day went for swim to Vauxhall leisure center, lunch break. first day back at the swim since last Oct or Nov the third lockdown.. It seems there are fears that there will an another summer lockdown with the indian variant spreading.

Yesterday Portugal had been moved to the red list travel ban. My brothers July wedding has been moved to another country probably he will be getting married online that’s what he said as per out today’s conversation.

14:00 sharp got home from the swim and logged back work, rest of the afternoon went smooth. logged off work at 16:30. took a 20 min nap after work.

17:00 my driver picked me up when for a short ride around Clapham got home at 7pm.. took another nap around 7:30 for half hour and cleaned the whole flat made dinner and 10;30 pm spoke to brother at middle east.

3 thing I’m grateful for

  • for my iphon e
  • for my laptop
  • for my flat
  • what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, muscular, happier and richer tomorrow and have relaxing yet productive day. ngiht. x Ash