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🌈 457 – Sat 08 May 23:18 2021


Woke up 8:30. showered adn attended respiratory and circulatory system online lecture. . very interesting. Saturday was feeling good in the morning. Had less sleep last night but still feeling good. Didn’t see Sun today. cold grey and grim outside but all the pollen is in he air and it’s very windy all spring flowers and flying in the air.. my balcony is full of petals.

After shower went straight to the zoom webiner, I was went and went on the camera.. they were all so happy and said thank you for sharing. guys I just had a shower.

I m home alone all flatmates left due to covid etc whatever all lives changed. but its nice I’m home alone..

The lecture finished around 4pm then I started working on tomorrows assignemt and that finished around 7:30 I took a 15 min nap.. I did fall a sleep and woke up shart at 20:15 something.

20:38 was the time for Iftar.. 26th day of the Roza Fast gone well.. few more days to go.. then made dinner chicken and green peas in the ovan was yum..

around 6:30 pm today brother had messaged saying .. it’s one the Taq raat’s special nights in the month of Ramandhan I said thankyou and then mother phoned around 00:30 earlier and she was reminding me as well.

God can you please hear us now!

Going bed now.. soon. tomorrow I have to walk up to Clapham in the morning before 9:30 to attend the sports and nutrition ITIL lever 3 class.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times energetic, stronger, active, happier and richer tomorrow and have a relaxing yet productive day tomorrow. .

3 things I’m grateful for

  • In the invention of the gas boilers.
  • for microwaves..
  • God thank you for Wood.
  • night!



and for the human world, well done guys today in the news scientist wants people to work from home indefinitely and UK to be covid free by August.