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🌈 450 – Sat 1 May 23:54 2021


Woke up at 8:30. txt msg was there from mother. what are you doing? I thought to myself what does she want at this time.. I had realized she’s been messaging me more often since the corona started and now when It’s going at its peak back in India maybe she’s missing us a lot or herself probably feeling alone.

“What would it take all negative patterns in relation to fear of what is going to happen instead of being in the now and participating with joy in the sorrows of the life.. please all memories patents associated to that get deleted now!”

10:00 sharp attended the class of sports and muscle until 15:13 pm. our tutur said he has to go to his 2nd jab of the vaccine and he let us go an hour early. was nice.

14:00 sharp walked up to Clapham North met driving instructor, have been taking driving refreshing course for start driving in London hopefully. I really don’t need a car but peer pressure from family compelling me to get the course and drive to God know where I live in central and everything is around. Lets the wish of the God.

looks like it.

18:30.. the driving tutuor guy dropped me close to home and so I walked back from Fentimen road in vauxhall. It’s was freezing when I walked.. It was’t that cold. but it looked warm with the Sun and all people outside but it was still cold.

Got home, and I saw my flatmate was moving into from one room to another and he was doing alone and I said okk i will help you with the bed and we did his bed and then it was making noise so we decided to change that from another bed. Most of the room are empty everyone left of the covid.. everything changed! probably for good. but it’s ok.

It may be stormy now but it can’t rain forever.. Things, good and bad, expected and unexpected, are always going to happen to you. It’s how you respond to them that determines your success.

19:45 I took a nap for about 20 min I don’t think I completely feel a sleep.

20:27 Iftar – 19 day of the fast gone well. Broke my fast, earlier when I got home from driving mother reminded, you only have 10 more day of Ramadhan to go. feels so happy.. only 10 more days of fasting. yahoo..

then did Magrib prayer..

thing grateful I’m grateful for today

  • for clothes
  • for water
  • honey

what would it take for me and for you to wake and have a relaxing yet productive day tomorrow. Sunday!