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Fri 26 Feb 23:53 2021


Woke up 8:30.. Can’t believe it. it’s 400 today! yay! congratulations to me for showing up 400 times.. every day I had nothing to write but i just showed up.. woke up.. was feeling very good. I felt the sun was coming in the window it felt so bright outside. the sun is out. still out. so beautiful. It’s Sat 27 Feb 15:14 now. last night. I felt like going to bed. so I slept.

Work up early.. felt so good.. meditated 5 min.. ate a can of Tuna. meditated again for 15 min..ate nuts and then went for Run.. Ran Vauxhall Bridge, Lambeth Bridge, and Westminster bridge.. still early, not a lot of people outside but now there seem so many people outside the window.. the weather is really good today, will be 14 degrees and the sun is out so everyone going out mostly for walks..

Last night I uploaded some London pictures on Shutterstock and they rejected the pics. It is one of the platforms where you can take pictures and see them online. I took some pics from my iPhone and uploaded on there and they rejected it. lol.. They said, the picture has no focus and it’s shaky and a few more comments. lol.. It could have been a nice passive income.

Mother father sister brother was chatting but all of them phoned yesterday. because they were worried about the side effects of the Covid vaccine. If I had any.. I assured. I didn’t have any at all. they are worried some news are showing funny.

People I didn’t have any reactions or side effects or anything different to Covid Vaccine at all. It’s perfectly all right to take the vaccine.

Singe Pfizer dose may cut transmission risk by 75pc according to the telegraph. I already got mine. yay! people go and quick wait for your chance. please think of others and get the vaccine and stop watching news!

3 things, I’m grateful for today

  • for vaccine
  • for this vaccine place being so close to my home
  • For Electricity.

What would it take for me and for you have experienced something really cool tomorrow.?

Nighty night! Ash

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