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🌈 395 – Fri 19 Feb 23:53 2021


Ok, now it became like it’s Sat 20 Feb 06:37.. earlier it was the time above and I moved way and went to make a history and returned back into my peace. I want to draft my day.. Woke up 7:50..logged in sharp work around 8.10.. did some work and then went for quick run, Vauxhall bridge, lambeth bridge, Westminster bridge.. not a lot of people outside.. 9:30 stakeholder training, was happy to be put in a group with some friends old friends.. it went smooth..

Around 11:20 text from mate Jxxx, Ooo..! I need to take a pic! It’s for work, I have to take a pic to send them, can you come with me to, we can walk around the parliament and I want the parlement behind the background. Can you come please. Can you? plz.. I said, OMG! Grump, I’m in a training now so DND! lol. and you always take my pics funny so maybe..

12:45.. I was just leaving home my flatmate Nxxx was also leaving home to go to a park to meet a date and we walked together up to Vauxhall, and I met jase in front of Royal Vauxhall Tavern and then from there we went back same way I went to run this morning!

13:30 was able to be back home, ate a can of Tuna, showered then did Friday prayer and was back at my desk by 2pm, rest of the work afternoon went smooth. I got to use the word “happy to help” today with my consciousness. I was thinking, should I say it or not.. and I said, yes, lets say it, will form an impression in longer term even if it looks cheesy now. lol

work off around 16:20.. Meditated 15 min Joe Dispenaza changing beliefs. took a nap around Mother phoned around 16:50.. speaking to her few minutes and starting cooking, made beef Mence, rice and had some lentins in the fridge. Jumma Jumma De dede..

Had listened to Parah 30 and Surah Kahf on youtube headphones.. and then few episodes of Tim ferrises podcast..

around 9:30 a mate from around came over, was alright, we were chilling but he seemed a bit gee’d so I said to him to bed.. then was watching tv. then another mate Rxxx txted, I was gonna change his number to Do not text few months ago and I didn’t change. I think I blocked a few days and then I released again, he was in my thoughts a few times this week and so , so messaged me.. lets hang lets hang! I can’t believe I went. I came back home withinin a hour but outside was beautiful, It was nice to walk around.

and inside the human news today Friday Coid 19 R rate falls to lowest since May last year and the number of people with covid in homes across UK, in wales stay-at-home message has been extended for another three weeks and some exiting news about Mars they are trying to find out if there was life ever existed. I sent some satellite type robo thing up there up now and it’s scratching the surface to bring some samples to figure out if water existed.

3 thing I’m grateful for today

  • for google for being existing
  • for water on the planet
  • for flys.

wish of the day – Everywhere that made me and made you to make a choice today that didn’t align to the goals, please all patterns in the mindset in relating to that please get deleted immediately across dimensions, space, time and reality. Night, Ash

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