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🌈 391 – Sun 14 Feb 23:58 2021


Happy V day.. Bence messaged me today first.. Peter was so happy when I sent him that big d’c picture. I think he was one of the friends who had messaged me every year for many years.

Woke up early around 7 AM .. did not look at the time thought out the weekend,. Ate a Can of Tuna, mediated 15 min on Joe Dispenza’s changing beliefs..

11 AM took a nap listening to youtube letting go self-hypnosis. 12:45.. Went to Run.. Vauxhall Bridge, Lambeth Bridge also Westminster bridge.

It was freezing outside today. -2 degrees I think, then it rained in the evening.. Got home. was gonna make lunch, had a txt message msg from cousin, mother was visiting grandparents and wanted me to give them a video call. I said Inshallaha.. she rung me in 10 minutes and I answered the phone and It was. cousin passing to mother then spoke to grand father, grand mother, great grand was also there.. and uncle and aunt.. lucky we all didint’ see one another for a long time so there weren’t much to talk and glad it was quick.

Took a nap.. Woke up 4:30 pm. headphones on listening to and finished 3 books this weekend. audible.. The sales Messenger, Activating Your 5D Frequency, The Hero’s Journey.

Made meet balls for dinner with lentils ate watching Netflix.

3 things Im grateful for today

for parents

for my bed

and the sleep which is coming now.

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times energetic active happier tomorrow and have a productive yet relaxing week.. night. Ash!