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🌈 388 – Mon 08 Feb 23:50 2021 

Today my brother said on the phone don’t write picchi picchi things why you writing all those things one I saw on Linkedin grateful something like that and then that cooking thing write something nice like that ‘One thing’ book..

I said you’re saying me to write that book like, One thing the Gary Keller’s book.. you think I can write it like that how I can write something like that and then do you think that Gray Keller guy, do you think he was able to write that book without writing all these picchi picchi things..

Picchi means mad.. In the Telugu Language..

And the book above, Gary Kellers, It’s a very good book, it will make you very productive if you want to achieve any goals. So read it.. click here to listen to free on Youtube Audio book. or click here and listen on audible.

Weekend went well. It was cold and snowy most of the times. I have finished moving all convertri pages to blog pages. 

8 AM logged sharp at work. Started to do an extra project today. Jase messaged me around lunch time asking me to go for walk with him.. I said yes and I met him around RVT vauxhall and we walked across the river, Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge and Westminster Bridge.. freezing. Floor was wet, some places slippery but mostly ok. Got home from the walk at 2pm and felt like eating a bagel and hot cup of tea was good. 

In the news it seems the Oxford Jab vaccine is less effective against the South African variant of Corona virus so govt. is urging to keep faith. but good news is 12 Million have been vaccinated so far so it’s good. 

and UK variant is spreading rapidly in US again and in Saudi Arabia middle east, my brother is in the capitol. They went back into restrictions and soon a lockdown.. 

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for audible for all the audio books so easy to listen to cooking eating sleeping
  • for my friend Lisa who left this “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope” cup in the flat when she left home.
  • for phones.

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger and energetic tmro morning and have productive yet relaxing and happy day and week.. and all negative patters that are blocking this process please get deleted now!

good night good night good night.. Ash! 

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