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“Staying at home, not talking to anyone, not seeing anyone. nobody seeing me.. feels a long time a human connection. some times I feel I’m not able to breathe.. and sometimes I feel I’m walking funny and there was like, oh wish my family or friends were around to tell me I was walking funny or .. my flatmate did ask me, you ok? he never asks otherwise.. hopefully, everything is just fine..

Anyway.. I work up today early.. did not look at the time.. ate a can of Tuna, mediated 15 min.. ate soaked nuts.. was doing this, and that.. I heard the church bell. ding ding ding.. I started counting bkz I wanted to know what time It was.. and I think it rung 9 times.. but I wondered how can that only be 9 when I already did so many things..

I went for run, 1st over Vauxhall bridge, then lambeth bridge also Westminster bridge.. it was freezing cold but it was hot on my way back. there were a lot of people outside walking or running at that time.. tmro I’m going to take a full rest. I have not missed the run all this week. It was little sun in the morning and in the evening it rained everyday.

The birds, the sky, the little green walls and all trees without leaves ..

The Churchbell, the little sqirrells and foxes everywhere.. Englands beautiful this time of the year.. there is snow in weather forecast today lot of places in UK. I don’t think there is for London but right now the wind is very strong.

Lets see what today’s human news would be.. for today – I’m checking now. Yay! they are planning for a roadmap to lifting lockdown. . “Pubs and restaurants may reopen in April”.. now is February. so March and April 2 months. 2 more months.. of stuck in the jail of my room with rain outside and with flatmates who seems to run away everytime they see a human and then they are first to see my Instagram posts..

In the news it says at one place, “You’ve got this: getting you through lockdown”..

1st point in there is – Children’s mental health – How to help them get a good night’s sleep.. “

How will they sleep now.. after you made them watch. months and mothns of Covids news and hospitals and deaths and everything else. I knew this will come up. At the start of the Covid last year in March 2020, I told my sister not to let kids my little niece and nephew to watch tv or news. most news has been past year or so special coverages of deaths and families dealing with covid deaths.Β This generation is going to wake up dipressed.. And all those who are still furgholed.. my flamates 2 of them are.. 3rd time lockdown.. London’s population is estimated to have dropped by 700,00 during the pandemic.

Well, I’m going to pray for all these people and send my blessings to them and their families and everybody around them and everybody who’s going through any difficulty at this time..

But people, All of you.. Pull yourself together and remember We fall We break We fail But then, We rise We heal We overcome..

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for this beautiful noice of the rain outside.
  • grateful for all the people who’s making it possible 10.5 million vaccines have already been delivered so far.
  • for the sleep which is coming to me now.. sleep sleep sleep.. good night! gandu ladan!

“What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times energitc and stronger tomorrow.. ciao.. Ash!”

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