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🌈 364 – Thu 14 Jan 23:50 2021

Woke up 7:30.. raining outside didnt for run but mediated 15 min before work.. work was cool. a bit busy but it was fine. Tmro I have to go into the office.. I donno how many people died today I don’t want to look at the news.. but I’m curious about China, I just started reading news and I got carried away and so much time is gone.

Now I’m yawning. I wish I had never looked at the news, it was just people dying killing people breaking into the Capitol.. tmro i have to go to work and I have to do the office tour to some new people who joined, I live close so I have to all these.

what would it take for me and for you to have a break free and breakthrough now and don’t have to ever do anything you and I don’t want to do.

3 things I’m grateful for tonight, 

for the tight sleep which is coming to me now.

for my brother.

for this dark dark dark night with clouds outside. 

good night!