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Tue 29 Dec 23:18 2020


How many of you live with critical people around or family or some you know around, if you go get happy they pick on you.. if you have love, they pick on you, if you lose weight, they pick on you. if you have more money then them they pick on you.. If you basically suck at life and do the things the way they do then they leave you alone..

Any of you living that kinda of life.. plz uncreate and delete all mind patterns you hold and creating through the mind into your reality. Don’t give energy to them.. they suck the energy out of you.

That’s how I felt today the entire morning.. the entire morning.. I wanted those feeling to go away so sat down meditate. I couldn’t concentrate.. they were still there.. I said I should try sleeping.. but sleep didn’t come.. they were still there.. and then.. I said I will listen to something and put this book on and it said, in these words..

“another person cannot cause you to feel a certain way unless through thoughts and emotions you choose to hold that experience in you. and you react, if you choose to create love for self then focus your thoughts and your complete emotions into channeling the feelings of love until you have replaced fear with love”

So I realized I was creating those.. their intentions. might have been pure..

3 things grateful for today

  • for virgin radio playing some nice songs now.
  • for the sleep which is also coming now.
  • for the existence of all the birds on our planet.

what would it take for me and for you to experience some really cool tonight? or this week.. 



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Empty empty streets of London during the 3rd Covid lockdown Dec 2020 / Oval Cricket Ground at night from my window.

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