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Sat 26 Dec 2020


woke up at 9:30.. went to bed at 3 pm Christmas was quiet..

“I just came across this in a book and I want to elaborate on this .. it is about “Karma”..

Karma is usually considered as inflicting or intended as a punishment, good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from one’s actions, or a man getting just as deserved or we think, his karma will sure get him at some point in his life to some people.

This is accurate enough but there is much to illuminate..

It is good and thebad both will come back but as an educative force. It’s purpose is to teach the individual back to the universal harmony in not perceive self-interest but instead to contribute to life and consider the welfare of the whole. (work all the times with no self motives).

And, as long as a debt of Karma remains, however, a person has to keep coming back for further education (including your thoughts too), the scenario will repeat it selt until you learn from it.”

It’s Boxing day today but it’s empty empty empty everywhere. It’s all quiet and peaceful no humans walking around in the streets of London stores are all closed everything is just shut..

I’m sitting in my room the sky it looks so so so beautiful outside but I’m sure it’s so so so so so freezing outside.. yesterday before Christmas meal at my mates, we did the long walk across the river, walked all the way to Trafalgar square from Kennington and walk back. streets were beautiful, queens horses were out on Christmas day, the sun was out, the river and top of bridges were biting cold and then the huge Sun came out at one point, it was so beautiful, then played some games after lunch. I came back home around 7:30 and my flatmate was having a Christmas party at home, was nice to see them partying.. was with them in the kitchen for a little bit and then did this and that until 3 am lol!

Today, I said to a friend I’ll meet him a bit later. see if he’s around and wants to hang.

he’s around me in the same bubble in the lockdown

3 things grateful for today

  • for my brother who sent some of his pix to our family group chat after a long time and bought so much joy, laughter, jokes, and blessings in the family.
  • for the water, I’m drinking.
  • for this supermarket is very close and accessible around me.

Wish of the day – what would it take for me and for you experience something really cool this Christmas break x



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