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Fri 27 Nov 23:36 2020


Woke up 7:30.. “kya karetho wothee paise aate hunge?” meditate for 15 min.. logged in work.. Work was smooth.. Friday was so happy. mother phoned at 9:30 am video call. I was like, I’m working, why you video phoning me at this time.. she said she did that to brother as well this morning in the middle east. checking up on us dear mother!!Β 

12:30 Dad phoned. they are all just very happy they found a girl for brother..

went for a run at lunchtime.. went to 2 bridges Vauxhall and Westminster bridge.. needed to get back to the desk by 2 pm.. offered Friday prayer. logged of workaround 4:20.. Italian mate Sxxxxx had come to see me, he had been working around the area and wanted to brings some muffins that he had been making.. we went for a walk after work around 6:30 went for a walk.. we wanted to see Christmas lightings on, and wanted to see Christmas tree in Trafalgar square.. Walked up to Trafalgar Square, via Tate modern with some lightings on. then over Lambeth bridge, Westminster bridge by Westminster Abbey, and then by Horseguards parade, towards Trafalgar square.. There was no Christmas trees in Trafalgar Square.. I noticed a few around in the streets.. and there was one Christmas tree in front of the Vauxhall station. I wonder why there was no tree in Trafalgar Square. Maybe they will do it in December.Β 

There were not a lot of people outside, it’s like the last week of the lockdown, the quarantine ends next week on the 2nd December. It’s the second lockdown in England.. lasted almost all November still 521 deaths today mirror news says.. But they have eased the restrictions for Christmas. Some tier 2, 3 households.. or whatever.. etc..Β 

Got a nice foot-long steak and cheese sandwich at Trafalgar square, not a lot of places open but luckily in the corner a subway was open.. no people were there. the guy seemed happy that there were some people who come to buy food.. and he made special ones. my mate got, Chicken and salad..Β with orange juice and coke and 2 cookies.

Walked back home via, Embankment bridge, sat under the London eye, and ate the sandwiches.. It was freezing like crazy.. London! it’s felt like an arctic by the river.. but it was fresh..Β 

3 things grateful for todayΒ 

– for the energy to walk all around.Β 

– for cold but beautiful weather.Β 

– for lockdown ending soon.Β 

wish of the day – what would it take for me and for you to have a new beginning full of riches now!?Β 

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