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Mon 01 Jun 00:21 2020


Our actions are based on our thoughtful decisions, the decision-making process is a function of consciousness itself, bkz that’s what it is ultimately capable of.. the mind makes choices based on millions of pieces of data correlations and projections far beyond our conscious comprehension, this is global function dominated by the energy patterns. consciousness automatically chooses what it deemed best to its instinct to instinct bkz it’s ultimately the only function of which it is capable of.

Sunday – today I woke up 6:30.. around 8.. I went to for jog. Vauxhall bridge then Lambeth Bridge then over Westminster bridge.. Sun was out.. it was very beautiful,Β I think it was around 19 degrees and the sun was bright.. all flowers and everything looks so beautiful when the sun is out.. I saw this huge Rose creep when jogging, I went back later to get some pics.

Got home from a jog around 9:30, 10.. It was my flatmate’s rota of cleaning the flat but bkz of the quarantine, she’s been staying with her friend for the last 2 months, and I was gonna clean my room today anyway so I cleaned the whole house as well.

Around 2:20, met mate Jase at the Kennington Park. Sun was bright.. remember the day that Jase did a tantrum, play with me, play with me.. as soon as we sat down.. wouldn’t let me settle!!!, then doesn’t want to paly at all.. and I had to leave without finishing my cold cold desperados and walk back home.

Anyway, I got home around 3:10.. I was on the other side the Oval cricket ground, they just started building an extension to the ground on the top a huge wing, I live toward the oval side of the ground, and today I was around Kennington side of the ground, I can see the front of those new seats and the wing from my flat, but I was downstairs on the other side of the ground today.. and I had shared this side of the ground with my followers on the Instagram, so I spent a few mins there posting a story and telling them, I will show you from the other side when I get back home.. anyway, I posted another story from my flat later on.

Took a nap around 4 for a half-hour, 40 min.Β Another mate who was supposed to join me at the park today a little bit later of me meeting my first mate, he was at the park alone bkz I didn’t text him.. I got funny with the other friend and I left right? looks like the tantrum was mine after all not my mates..

3 things I am grateful for today

  • grateful for my flat
  • Grateful for my bed
  • Grateful for the energy I have.

1 wish of my day – what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times younger, beautiful, active, energetic, sexier, happier, healthier, richer, bigger and leaner and everything in the way of that happening, all the patterns consciously and subconsciously created in my mind, please get deleted across all time dimensions space and reality.


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Ta da!

Ash Khaleem