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Wed 20 May 2020 00:14


Let go .. Surrender… Let the experiences flow. You don’t need to figure out everything or react to anything at all. That was my lesson for today.

I had finished surrender experience book then started heroes’ journey book.

25th day of the fasting finished today and I feel really good.. I don’t know if I have gotten bigger or remain the same. I can’t say the difference, locked in this room like a cage past 8 weeks now, I have a mirror and glasses all around me. I probably looked at myself a lot more than usual during this quarantine, that, I can’t tell the difference.

Anyway, apparently fasting has a lot of benefits. You get leaner, thicker, lose body fat while retaining muscle mass and also it prevents a lot of things in your body. An occasional 24 hour fast is also good.

I had spoken to brother around 9 pm. Throughout the entire day my emotions were a bit funny then I felt like watching friends at dinner to cheer me up., It worked for a little bit.

For dinner, I made Laal Bagara Khana (Red Fried Food)ย and itโ€™s simple..

Lal Bagara Rice.

I had some leftover cooked white rice from yesterday in the cooker.

Mix Red chili powder and salt in the entire rice as much as you want..ย I usually add one whole teaspoon of Red Chilli Powder and a half teaspoon of Salt…

Take a bigger medium-sized pan which has a curve in the middle, look the image below, this type. Then add oil.. ok, let me write it clearly for 1 personโ€™s meal

– 1 and Half of white Rice already cooked.

1Tteaspoon of Red Chilli powder ( or how much ever you prefer,ย the food is calledย – Laal Bagaraย (Laal means Red in most Indian main language, like Hindi, Urdu, Panjabi, etc, so the food appears Red with Chilli)
– Half teaspoon of Salt.

– About 2 pinches of Cumin seeds.

– 2 pinches of Mustard seeds.

– 2 pinches of Red Lentils

– 5 curry leaves ( optional )

–ย About 20 Peanuts.

Take a medium-sized saucepan, add about 5 teaspoons or spoons of oil, when the oil is Hot, add, first Cumin seeds, after 20 seconds, then mustered seeds, in 5 seconds add a pinch of Red lentils, then add, all the peanuts into the oil, then finally Curry leaves. ( curry leaves will jump in the hot oil)

This has to be in a sequence bkz, Cumins take longer to cook, Mustered seeds burn quickly and you don’t want to overcook little Red Lentils and Peanuts, and finally curry leaves just before you add Rice.

Add Rice, which was mixed earlier above in Red Chili and salt.

Mix it properly and spread the rice across the pan and cover it and leave it on small stove medium fire.

Leave it for about 12 minutes, a hard layer will form at the bottom, that layer is the richness of this food.. After 12 minutes, flip those layers around so it doesn’t burn that much, mix it a little bit but not too much so that you donโ€™t break all the crusty later at the bottom.ย 15 to 20 minutes, the food is already done.

It is usually eaten just like that on its own. Or you can add a couple of slices of fresh white Onions for a kick to it. If it gets too hot, you can squeeze a lime.

Enjoy the meal.

3 x things, I am grateful for today.

– grateful for my comfortable bedroom
– grateful for the tv in my room
– And for the invention of the wifi.
1 wish of my day – what would it take for me and for you to let go of every negative energy, emotion or thought we hold inside our brain and everything in the way of that happening, please get delete from my mind now! Across all time dimensions space and reality..

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