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Sat 09 May 2020 23:14


Woke up 9:30.. 15th day fast today.. had gone well.. spoke to parents in the afternoon, went for longggg walk.. over Vauxhall, Lambeth, Elephant and Castle, got lost somewhere and end up back in Lambeth around Imperial War Museum, there were a lot of roses there.. I couldn’t share any pix with my mother, bkz she wouldn’t approve me of stepping outside in the quarantine, they just said, it’s still extended.

Got home from the stroll, made Anda Chutney for the first time.. waiting for the 16th fast now after midnight, feeling very good and grateful.

Content for the ebook.

1. Tomato aur Ande ka Saalan

(Tomato and Egg ka is an adjective, Curry)


Tomatoes – 4 bigs ones or half kg.

2 x Eggs

1/2 Dalli Onion

2 x cloves of garlic

2 x cloves of garlic size ginger piece. ]

1/2 Teaspoon of Salt ( or however much salt you prefer to eat)

1 Tea Spoon of Chilly Powder. and finally,

A quarter teaspoon of Turmeric powder (if you have, it’s ok if you don’t, it will still taste but Turmeric is the one real ingredients that make the food really tasty authentic Indian, and tbh, Turmeric is really good for you.

“why is turmeric good for you” Google answer is this – ” Turmeric and especially its most active compound curcumin have many scientifically-proven health benefits, such as the potential to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and may also help improve symptoms of depression and arthritis.”

Let’s go back to our cooking..

1. Chop the half Dalli Onion (Dalli is an Indian word for a half-cut Onion)

2. Chop the Tomatoes.

3. Take a medium-sized saucepan and add 3 teaspoons of oil ( more or less, depends on how much you prefer, but for Indian foods, the more the better) then add that chopped Onion and Tomatoes then add.. 1 Tea Spoon of Chill Powder, 1/2 Tea Spoon of Salt, (more the better), 1/4 or 1/2 Tea Spoon of Turmeric and finally chop those Ginger and Garlic and add them in there on a lesser medium fire on the small stove.

Mix it every 5 minutes, 3 or 4 times.. until the Tomatoes are completely Cooked, Tomatoes. needs to kinda dissolve and Onion too.. in 20 minutes’ time you can start smelling nice and fresh garlic. When you see Tomatoes are nice and done, now add those 2 x Eggs to in Tomatoes and cover it, flip the eggs around in 5 min.. wait for another 3 of 4 minutes.. the yum yum food will be done..

In a medium-size saucepan, add 1 small glass of white or Brown Rice, and add 1 and a Half Glass of Water if it’s White Rice and 2 and a half glass of water if it’s brown rice.. and half a Tea Spoon of Salt, and boil the rice for 20 min on Medium stove and medium fire.

Once the rice is done, eat the Rice, Tomatoes, and Eggs.. it will be so yummy..

Growing up, most of the ingredients my mother used to make it at home, like the chili powder, every summer she would buy a huge bag of Red Chillies, Sundry them 3 days, then take the heads off, send to the local mill with our maid, get it ground with wait some proportion of salt that doesn’t make the chilly powder to go off).

3 things I am grateful for today

– for my tv

– for the cashew nuts that I just ate

– for all the energy I feel.

1 wish of my day

what would take for me and for you to wake up 10 times energetic, bigger, and stronger tomorrow…

Thank you

Ash Khaleem

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Below images, the food one pic was sent by my mother and another one was sent by my sister.. the follower, I took those images while strolling on my quarantine daily walk..