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Mon 27Apr 23:47 / 51


Woke up 8.. logged in for work from bed.. Had gone to bed at 5.. Today was the 4th day of the fast.. I am fasting.. So Itโ€™sย  soo good I don’t have to eat.. I can just stay in the bed all day.. of course, I have to pray like 5 times.. but they don’t take that long., and I like them, linking with the God and coming back..

I just said, thank you a 100 times bkz, this light by my bed that I moved around from this corner to this corner is falling right on my screen from behind makes is look so beautiful and make me feel like to work.. ย  this is exactly how I prefer my lighting to be. Otherwise I was using the huge 3 bulb main bedroom light usually..

Anyway, so I said thank you.. then I looked up and it was 23:59 the time was.. and I went to take my Google Ads 00:00 screenshot and on Macย  which I usually do if I am working last and time is midnight. 00:00..ย  ย  On Mac, I use the keys CMD + Shift + 4 and then press any key then press Enter key and it takes the whole screenshot of the Mac screen and today I realised after taking screenshot, it allows you to edit the screenshot and add comments etc. I have used it for many many days but have only realised that it could do many things..ย  gratitude attract gratitude.. I said thank you for another 100 times..

Anyway, work was smooth, had to talk to people on the conference all as we are all still working from homes and I think we are all getting comfortable working from home and probably soon I think they are gonna lift theย  quarantine corona lockdown up and it will be challenging to go back to desk.

Dad phoned around 4:30.. asking how I was doing.. he also shared his finishing Quran in 3 day goal, and heโ€™s gonna try finishing in a 2 days goal as there is plenty of time at home. I suppose these little goal will keep you going at this time and defiantly help to keep away from news.

I felt a bit uncomfortable to tell him yesterdayโ€™s death toll of 684 and together making up to close to 20,400 something considering he was just about to go to bed. .. Boris the PM had returned to work today..ย  bit of a commotion at work as some of our friends have older vulnerable parents at home and British public is not ready to come out yet considering the vastness and scaryness of death toll of every country on the planet.

have to hide from mother for going for walk, even though sheโ€™s on the other side of the planet, Anyway, I still went for a walk bkz I want to take some pix for instagram, all these people who canโ€™t go out.. went over Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge, over Westminster bridge,.. home.. my post for instagram was something in the lines with, hello inmates! I hope you guys are safe and have your loved ones with you! โค take care of yourselves!#sunย #sunnyย #springย #coronaย #togetherย #stayhomeย #staysafeย #ionsย #arriorsย #smileย #happyย #instaย #instagram

3 things I am grateful for today

  • grateful for the govt doing many things to save, protect people.
  • Grateful for the entire NHS
  • Grateful for those 100 NHS workers who have died.

1 x wish of my day – what would it take for me and for you, for mine and for your loved ones to be for ever safe from this crisis or any other crisis in the future and ever

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