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What are the things you need to pull to the longest high performing productive lasting life. 

1. Fixing your nutrition 

2. Changing your exercise. 

3. Fixing your sleep

4. Using the right supplements 

5. Modulating hormones as necessary 

6. fixing anything needs to be fixed pharmacologically 

7. Managing your stress 

software is eating the world. , everything becoming a computer. car is no longer a car anymore, it’s a mechanical device, it’s a 260 computer chip in minimum. Car is basically Unix box we ride in, an elevated is a computer takes us from floor to floor. and an airplane is flying Solaris box with a bunch of industrial controllers. 

We are going to go from the internet from theoretically from the golf ball to the size of the Sun.. we are really early days to the internet and mistakes lot people to make is we think we are technologically advanced today but you have no idea the tsunami of technology coming our way. 

Artificial Intelligence: 

There are generally 2 types,

Narrow Artificial Intelligence  – that the artificial intelligence that goes ahead and puts a recommendation for you out there on Amazon or on Netflix or what book you might like,  you might like this movie.. that kind of narrow AI is widespread it’s ubiquitous it’s that allows you to talk to Americal Airlines while you are on hold.

Broder more widespread AI: Artificial general intellegence, people fear, will run the planet one day, eg, IBM build a computer called Watson, It’s doing narrow AI, it played against top best champions on Jeopardy game and was able to beat the best champions in the world.. before that we have our them beat our worlds champions to chess. 

I always wanted to write about those church bells that woke me up one morning in this new town that my parents had recently moved us for this school, and I just heard those bells on classical FM. I changed the channel, I love virgin radio, but I felt so scared earlier when I heard on the news that Borris Johnson was moved to intensive care. I didn’t want to listen to the news anymore tonight. I hope they don’t play news on classical FM. 

3 things I am grateful for today 

– for all the food i ate. 

– for my comfortable bed 

– for all the people who created this music i am listening to. 

1 wish of my day 

what would it take for me and for you and my and for your families to be immune to every illness on the planet and everything in the way of that, all patterns from my mind please get deleted now! across all time dimensions space and reality.. 

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this is your #monday’s reminder you can handle everything this week will throw at you. for me, luckily the day is almost over! hope you’re having a good start into the week. #me #madness #monday #motivation #selife #quarentine #home #week #work #freshair #happy #smile #ions #arriers #fit #fitness #insta #instaphotos4h



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