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Saturday 24 November 2019

Woke up 5:20, had the Michael Sealey’s new beginning mediation on for another 50 minutes in the bed, last night before going to bed I emailed my supplier nicely like this.. 

Hey Robin,

my apologies for the last minute request.. I would be very grateful if we could possibly delay for another few weeks.

The reason for this is my account manager at Amazon things it’s best to do it for January, also, I think the delivery service charge is a bit too much, I am a little concerned about ROI.

I am sure you have done your best there. Thank you,

If it is too late, then we can go ahead now, I am happy to make the payment. Let me know ..

Thank you, Ash”

and this was my supplier’s response – “

Hi Ash,

I hope you are fine. 

Ok, for the shipping, let’s delay for another few weeks. Please let us know when you need to start the shipping.

Regarding the shipping cost by air(10-15 days), we’ll check that again.

Best regards! 


I was so happy, that my supplier is able to delay. Initially for this shipping when I got the quote the stock delivery from China to the US it was up to 330 USD for 50 the weight it’s probably bkz Christmas busy time the all the prices are high so I didn’t wanna jeopardize my ROI (Return on Investment) and my supplier had suggested if we could stay for another couple weeks we can get a bit cheaper deliver and now my accounts manager at the Amazon suggested to delay until January so wonder why was I rushing through.. 

Anyway, I am happy I have a bit more time to complete my listings and make it a good ad.. 

I thanked my supplier, felt happy and took another nap.. woke up 9:30 alarm, got ready and left for 10:30 Yoga.. this is probably my 5 or 6th class. All human beings – plz go do Yoga! I ignored it for so many years now I am doing 1 hour a week and I feel really good.. really really really good. so you should do it too.. Yoga is really good, it covers everything.. Go look and do Yoga Now! 

Got home, had my breakfast, rest of the day I worked, took naps, ate, spoke to mum.. watched a bit of madman while eating.. Now listening to Tim Ferris podcast… 

3 x things I am grateful for today 

– for finding my supplier in China.  

– for all these automated systems that I am able to set up from my room 

– for the comfortable bed I slept last night.. 

1 x little wish of my day 

What would it take for me and for you to become so flexible be able to include 1physical activity in our day for sure and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality.

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See you next time 

Ash Khaleem 

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