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Wednesday 13 November 2019

Typing with a smile that I am celebrating my 200th Article.. haha! I can’t believe that.. I literally have no idea what I wrote all these days. I love writing before I go to bed.. I used to write the diary almost most nights, then since SFM made me discover limitless, I started journaling online.. Anyway, for SEO you need to produce content.Β 

Content is the KING. Remember that!Β 

If you want to be anywhere visible on Google, you need to produce content, and having on your website and publishing content each night will help you rank. Anyway, I love to write and it’s good for my business.Β 

Today, I woke up a little late but I still wanted to go to gym so I quickly got ready and got to gym around 7 something, anyway, I had enough time to do everything I needed to do today.Β 

I did, 4 sets of Pull-Ups and 50 kg each side barbell Squats. Got to work nice and sharp..Β 

Got home around 5 ish from the supermarkets, took a 30 min nap, then went swimming. It went really cold outside today. spoke to brother while eating then I sat down on my desk..Β 

Then I researched some content to send to my leads and then I drafted a nice email and sent a broadcast to my leads.. which had 2.1 percent email open rate.. I sent my email around 10:30 pm and 2.1 percent to be noted!Β Β 

3 x things that I am grateful for todayΒ 

– Grateful for the warm and comfortable flat I have..Β 

– Grateful for the energy I spend my entire day doing things I love..Β Β 

– Grateful for all my family.Β 

1 x little wish of my dayΒ 

What would it take for me and for you to have, feel, be, look, act, talk, become, exhibit our dream body now! and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it, across all time dimensions space and reality..Β 

See you until next time..Β 

Ash Khaleem

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