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Think about money Think about money Think about money Think about money..ย 


Money is a value placed upon something in an exchange of goods or services. Value of this thing is worth this much. If you have a job, you are giving your time there and service for a fixed amount each hour. So you are giving your service of that hour and you get money for that..ย 


Now, what value can you put on the thing that you love? subconsciously most of us we are programmed to think lack, it’s not our fault, it’s not our parent’s fault it’s just the way it is for this cosmic age but the awareness of lack mentality we hold is also a great achievement.ย 


We have to think and feel abundant to get abundant.ย 


Think is your thoughts, I don’t know the exact count but I think we think like a million thoughts a day, the first thing you need to focus is getting the awareness. Catching yourself, what was I just thinking etc. once you get the awareness, the more you get awareness, the more mindful you become.ย 


then it gets to a stage where you can consciously think what you want to think without the mind taking over make us think whatever.. so our goal is consciously to think thoughts of money or anything actually if you want to attract or want more of it.. here we are thinking about money. so consciously try and think more thoughts of money, like ask yourself, what would I exactly be doing right now if I have a Billion Dollars in my bank account?!!ย  For me, I just questioned myself that, and I pictured, I was sitting in a huge luxury flat on a white bed with my laptop doing exactly the same thing I am doing now bkz I love doing this, I love writing my blog. and you know, if one person can get a little value from this, then the equation would be, you are providing value to others buy doing the thing you love. so here I love to write and come up with this so I am giving my time so that means, if anyone gets value from this I will be rewarded somehow.ย  ย 


2nd one – Feeling it.ย 


You have to feel as if you have it. If you can’t then make an effort, and keep the effort everytime the thought comes to your mind, feel good thinking about money, do affirmations, I love money, money loves me.. but try and feel as good as possible every time you think of money. Feel the weight of your wallet in your pocket with full of money. Feel the heaviness you feel when you think of having a billion dollars in your bank account, just ask yourself, how does it feel, what vibrational energy can I align to to feel the feeling if I have a billion dollars in my bank account. ask your self questions like these and the brain will come up with an answer.ย 


that’s our brains job. Brain will look after the questions we ask.ย 


How do you explain manifestation to a child, think it, feel it and receive it..ย 


you have to think, feel and receive.. say thanks, think more, feel and receive more…ย 


3 x things I am grateful for todayย 


– Grateful for all the money I have


– Grateful for being always abundant in my life, my parents and all circumstances.ย 


– Grateful for having found SFM teach me my digital skills and my life skills.ย 


3 x things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my goals


– update email follow up series


– Send a broadcastย 


– Research Filmora softwareย 


1 x little wish of my dayย 


what would it take for us to have 100% more thoughts of wealth and money for the next 24 hours and everything in the way of that I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality.ย 


See you until next time.ย 


Ash Khaleemย 


Click here to watch a short video from my mentor Stuart, this is where I started my online education.ย