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Six-Figure Mentors 

Tuesday 09 July 2019 

Six-Figure Mentors is an entrepreneurs community who all mostly started with nothing but now they have time, geographical and financial freedom and they are in the community grew to what they are now and the learnings they had and how we can not do those things when starting out our entrepreneurial journey and the mindset we build.. It’s all authentically shared privately within the community supporting one another and leading with an example.. Here’s what will make you a Six-Figure Mentor. 

Do you know, I always felt like an outsider while growing up at home, at school, at the mosque, on the street, with friends with literally everything and everybody.  Christy from Unlimited Abundance calls them lightworkers but let’s not jump to that.. , anyway, but only with SFM ever in my life, I don’t feel like that with most people bkz we all align with one another and it’s a different mindset.. It’s a more broader and openminded thing with the giving as object.  And the people in the community you don’t align with, either you or other person has to grow in their mindset to align with one another and in SFM we all align with one another.. well, we are the lightworkers.. we are helping people build their lives, get freedom every stress, how much of a spiritual you will become as a result of lessons you learn. 

I am grateful to have been found SFM and this is where I started my online Journey. the basement, the foundation has to be built with truth, love, fairness and joy and SFM brings just that within us to be able to take up a bigger challenge. It paved my path. I have found the things I love.. before I didn’t know what I loved.. I just let life take me. but now, I do what I love.. I spend my energy towards doing things that will make me happy. 

3 x things I am grateful for today 

– Having found SFM to start my first startup, my own online business with nothing. 

– Having joined through Dan, his webinars helped me a lot with my knowledge. 

– Having access to Steve G and Frank my elite coaches..   Frank helped me figure out my values in life (Giving, leadership, freedom, family, friends, travel) 

3 x things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my goals. 

– Complete updating email follow up series. 

– Research creating an ebook for more budget. 

– Follow up on the Apps. 

1 x little wish of my day 

What would it take for me and you to find that one little special thing we like to do that we really really love and enjoy and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality. 

Howdy? there is hope so don’t worry! It’s all good.. 

Ash Khaleem 


These are my mates from right, Ash, James, Rich and Eddie.. we are all in SFM together building our businesses, I ve met first time at an SFM event, they were such great guys. I will always remember them.. 

Click here to watch a short video from my mentor, Stuart, this is where I started online..