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Truth is not an external discovery but an internal realization. Regardless of your thoughts, you are continuously growing and evolving each day. Humans cannot regress; we can only move forward. Embracing gratitude is essential for transformation. The more you practice and truly feel grateful, the more your life will change.

🌈 1210 – Sunday, 23 June 2024 23:38


23:38 and I’m at peace, at peace, at peace..

I slept well earlier on a nap this evening from 18:30 to 20:09, The Sun was going down, got ready and went for a run, Haymarket, I think both theatres were at the intermission, and many people were standing around the road.

Ran from Picadilly, through The Mall, past The Horse guards road, towards Westminster Abbey by my left, Westminster Mansions, Church Street, to Millbank, crossed Lambeth bridge towards the other side of the river, took the stairs down at Albert Embankment, The Covid memorial wall on my right, St Thomas’s, stairs up to the Westminster bridge, just past the Parliament, turned the road going to Trafalgar square and I met up with a huge group of skaters on road, it was just when I needed some energy and motivation to run back I saw them, I’d usually take the same way by Whitehall back but instead followed the skaters went by the main road, Parliament street towards Trafalgar Square and back home.

Woke up early today, had slept well. I had a great weekend, I let the tasks that came to me to experience I surrounded to them, and devoted myself to enjoying them to the fullest whether it was doing the laundry or sitting in the park under the sun with my pals, every moment was welcomed with gratitude and with a hope to let others around to reach their full potentials.

Friday afternoon, walked across the estate and had a nice meal with a friend under the sun by the river.. The Sun was so strong, it was great, back home finished Friday’s work properly, then in the evening, a friend got a ticket to go see Siters’s Act Tottenham Court Road, and I’ve heard about that show for 15 years and then I finally watched it, the play was great, the message was spectacular.

Saturday, great workout, then Westend Live was on around the house, huge queues on the streets and some friends came around, we sang songs in the balcony and wore funny clothes and hung in and out laughing loudly and missed publishing my blog last night. Alas…got carried away to the pleasures of the world.

Today was good. Aligning to my goals more inclined.

Around the world today –

The War – As its forces engage in relentless offensives and face low morale, Kyiv turns to its inmates to strengthen its army. Nearly 5,000 prisoners have volunteered as part of this initiative.” 12

This highlights how Ukrainian prisoners are stepping up to support their country during the conflict with Russia.

  • 3 things I felt grateful for today –

  • Grateful for the good workout I had first thing this morning, did upper body back – 4 sets of 10 reps of Pull-ups, Lat Pulldowns, reverse grip cable rows, Shoulder side raises then front raises.. I saw my old flatmate in there, I was going to say hello, wondering where he disappeared when I was leaving.

  • Grateful that I already ironed a white shirt and cream trousers for tomorrow morning Monday of work.

  • Grateful for having written something and going to bed peacefully.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, bigger, thicker, leaner, more energetic, confident, happy, wealthy, make it workout in the morning, get to work on time and then everything to be cool, then everything to be fine with family, friends and everyone around and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns please get removed..

Goodnight Goodluck!

Ash Khaleem.

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