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Your future self is counting on you to do the right thing today!

🌈 1200 – Tuesday, 11 June 2024 23:54


In bed, and I just realised it’s 1200 and a lucky number and I do not want to fall asleep without presenting to the world.. so here I am in the middle of the night typing for none other than myself!

It’s midnight now, 00:00 and Big Ben Bong’s Bell chimed 12 times. Bright purple is the colour of the Giant Wheel London Eye right now and its reflection on the building next it shows purple too.. purple rain, purple rain purple rain..

The song is for you bro! and sis..

Sleep is slightly coming but don’t feel like sleeping yet..

Woke up early today but was still snugged in bed, slept well last night, hugging this tender love.

“But it’s not all hopeless. Regardless of what was said, we’ll forgive each other.

After we’re gone, in heaven, we’ll forget these nights in hell.

That’s where I’ll love you well. And when everything is done, that’s when I’ll finally tell you — you were the …!”

07:15 AM got out of bed, dreading this monthly meeting that I got to attend later at work but I kept calm. My mate had brought some breakfast for this morning when we had dinner together, which kept me at ease and glad I was that I ironed my shirt for today last night.

Being prepared means being proactive and taking steps to ensure that you are ready for whatever may come your way. Being prepared for opportunities has many benefits. First and foremost, it increases your chances of success. When you are prepared, you can act quickly and decisively when opportunities arise.

Sat and meditated for 5 minutes, after breakfast, then too anxious to have a shower I put some ice on my face in the morning, 3 cubes of eyes put my face to a relaxed mode.. wore a bright white shirt, grey trousers and green slim jumper, cloudy, and little chilly outside the weather was today, wore new black shoes and left home..

Walked from Picadilly Cirucs by St James Park to Westmintser.. the walk was pleasant, got my headphones on and read Surah Yasin on my way on the phone then for a bit listened to Bloorberg Day Break Europe. That could be heard on various channels below –

  1. SiriusXM.

  2. iHeartRadio.

  3. TuneIn.

  4. New York – AM 1130 (WBBR)

  5. Boston – FM 106.1 | AM 1330 | 92.9 HD2.

  6. Washington D.C. – FM 99.1 | 105.7 HD2.

  7. Bay Area – AM 960 | 103.7 HD2.

  8. London – DAB Digital Radio.

Got to work sharp at 09:06, nice and pleasant at work, everything was cool chilled, bosses, colleagues all doing well and seemed and relaxed, wondered why I was stressing inside.. Sat at the desk got the paperwork ready, sent an safety matters email out to a huge group of colleagues.. headed to the meeting and typed about 8 pages.. back to the desk, tidied up some of the work, walked up to Victoria street Stratam ground market to get lunch, had a pulled beef and horse radish mayo sandwich, it was yum with a packet of crisps and bottle of orange and mango smoothie.. walked back to the desk and worked on the audits the rest of the afternoon.

My best mate had said, he’s got a meeting at 3 pm this afternoon that he’d been dreading about with his boss, I checked on him around 15:40, how the meeting went and he said, it went great, my boss was happy with my work and I will ask for a promotion after a month or so.. bless him! I hope he get’s it. Things will miraculously work itself out. Trust it!

Logged off work around 17:10, and walked back home, the new shoe bit my foot a bit in the back, I had gotten the plaster from work and had it on.. still just grateful the work meeting went well and just got to finish the minutes as soon as possible the deadline I have is by Thursday… I hope to finish by the end of tomorrow..

18:15 head was pounding so took a 15-minute nap that went on for another 15 minutes and so on I woke up at 19:12.. brother texted me checking up on me, how the evening was going and I said, thank you for checking on me.. They returned home from Ishan Salah and Neph Hamd had just woken up.. I then made dinner, lentils and Roti.. sat eating and watching Suits on Netflix, trying to finish this long series..

21:15 logged into work laptop and worked until 22:30, saw some new opportunities opened up, the deadline is 26th June, I got to apply for those posts.. mate M checked on me texting me “Are you still up bunny?” I’m off to bed now, I said yes dear.. off to bed shortly.. we bid farewell.. and now sitting down to type before sleeppppppppp..

Around the world today

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • Grateful got to work sharp, on time and day done and dusted well..

  • Grateful brother and mate checked on me and how the day was going..

  • Grateful I sat down, maybe I didn’t do right day in and day out but it’s the 1200th time ..

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, energetic, happy, confident, wealthy, rich, make it to workout in the morning, complete the minutes work tomorrow, everything to be fine with family, friends, and everyone around and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive day tomorrow and all negative patterns, please get removed..

Goodnight, good luck!

Ash Khaleem