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You become like the people you hang out with. Choose who you spend time with carefully!

🌈 1197 – Friday, 07 June 16:28 2024


Woke up early, cloudy, and grey but warm outside.. feeling good there were no negative feelings and emotions as I woke up, no complaining or grumpy frequency.

Read Dad’s good morning long message on the family group chat, for a few years now, he started a short prayer, well-wishes greetings good morning messages every morning.. it’s nice he found that hobby since his retirement. The last time when I visited him, I saw his software needed updating so while updating, I went into his texts and he sent Good morning greetings self-composed messages every morning to a lot of people, many cousins, aunts uncles a lot of them! bless him!

Anyway, It was still around 06:50, did affirmations in bed, then sat at the edge of the bed and meditated for a few minutes to set the day right, and think about what needed to get done today before I log off work as it is the Friday.. is the day of the day when all the week workers look forward too.

Let me think of writing a poem on Friday today then?

Friday is the day that you have a big hard-on! thinking of logging off for the weekend!

Just joking! I’ll be serious now!

Awake and work, work and work all week..

Wank and work, and wank all week. haha! still joking!

“Friday’s music, a sweet refrain,

Hunger fades, the weekend’s domain.

Friends and gardens, balconies is neat,

Cupboards tidied is a life’s retreat.

Rest, recharge, the week’s demands,

Afternoons fleeting, Disney’s 100 exhibition,

Cheers to us, resilient and true, through days and nights, we made it through…

Happy Friday darlings!!”

7:20 left home for the gym, quiet and peaceful outside, the weather is mild.. wore a white shirt, black shorts, and yellow trainers.. not a lot of people at the gym, had a quick one but a really, really, really, really good workout. Did upper body back, 4 x sets of 10 reps of pull-ups hanging on the bar, then standing Ez Bar bent over rows, V grip lat pull downs, then seated v grip cable rows, shoulder lateral raises, front raises with dumbells and that’s it all 4 sets of 10 reps.. Had a decent time spent showering, did Gusul for Friday and left for home.. walked back, and logged in to work, it was just around half 8 or 08:40 by then..

Didn’t start working straight but offered 2 x rakaths of Salah to Fajr, 2 x rakaths of Salah tu Hajath.. Today was a fast day for Eid ul Fitr.., so I had been fasting, was meant to wake up in the morning and eat but I went to bed late last night, so ate till late..

It’s good tbh, if you remove eating part in the day, once can get a lot of work done!

Read Yasin Sharif, Surah Kahf, 2 pages of Holy Quaran, then Bloomberg daily business briefing newsletter only then started work.. there was only one task to finish at work but needed to do research and time-consuming things, I had to create 3 assessment forms that can be used in the future too once it is done..

Around 11 I texted my brother to check if everything was okay at home and with family, he said he was not fasting today, and they getting ready for the Friday Salah and it was very hot in Riyadh.. I said to him, I’m doing work and my fast is going okay so far.. I didn’t tell him, I went to the gym earlier..

Worked until 12;45, and those 3 forms were done by then, I was so pleased.. I still need to proofread them, which I can do on Monday morning. I was so grateful I managed to finish them in the first half of the day.. 13:20 walked up to Soho to offer Jumma Salah, just on the street and picked up some chicken and onions for either breaking the fast or for tomorrow but later I’m of Disney’s 100 exhibition at Excel Centre with a mate whom I’m gonna see at the Shadwell station around maybe 5?

I found him around 14:30, just to check if everything going all right, my dear mate was at his desk too said, he was feeling hot at home, and he’s done a lot of work so far but nothing workwise, just booking tickets, this and that and have work to finish now. I said, okay bro, carry on, but I’m fasting today, should I eat before I leave or what shall I do? I didn’t wake up this morning, he was like, sure we could have some fried chicken in Shadwell.

I logged off work around 16:30, got ready, just in shorts, a t-shirt and a jumper.. got the bike out all the way from Picadilly Circus, to Alwdwyc, past St Pauls, past Towerbridge, and got to mates around 17:30, we decided to forego the chicken and just headed towards Excel centre from Shadwell..

My mate M is cool, lives very near to Shadwell station and he didn’t have to look at the map but were on the bike for next 15 minutes in the streets of East London to Excel exhibition centre, got there just on time around 18:06, had a quick smoke by the side and then went to see The Disney in London

The Walt Disney Archives has opened its vault of treasures, showcasing hundreds of extraordinary objects, including many of Disney’s β€œCrown Jewels” – more than 250 rarely-seen artefacts and works of art, costumes and props, and incredible memorabilia at the Excel Centre.

Being an adult, having a playful attitude by going back to childhood is a fun way to live a life. It was great fun!

We left the place around 07:30 and it was still bright outside, mate and I sat at the pavement outside there and saw some flights pass by for a few minutes then hopped on the bikes again on our way back home, where we stopped this bridge over the River Lea in East London Canningtown and took many pictures, with the city view.. It was a beautiful view too, we checked parks on our way, on our bikes, and headed back to Shadwell, by the station there is this little Chicken and chip shop where we had our delicious delicious fried chicken and chips..

Then we picked up some sweets from the little shop next door and headed back home to my mates, there is this big 19-storey building, from where the view mate wanted to show me, we stood outside waiting for someone to leave, so we could get in the building, and this sweet girl let us in she had books with her hands, and she was like, I never went up there but yeah I heard it’s a good view, you guys don’t look like you’ll do any trouble so yeah enjoy the view guys and it was a best view all over the East London with the city in front of you.. and the other opposite side too.. these 4 boys were sitting on the top floor and smoking, they offered us.. we had a quick chat and left for home.. see people in East London are very friendly.. We went back home to my mates, took the dogs out for a walk, by the river, sat down finished our cider, it was cold by then, so we headed back home.

Around the world today –

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • So grateful for my bike, I had not taken it that far before, it was good, smooth, sleek and fast somehow.. thank you!

  • I was so grateful my mate M had said to me about the Disney Exhibition, I would have never looked for it myself or had gone to it if not for him, sweet of you and thanks my dear friend.

  • Grateful, when I was out, my brother was checking on me how the fast was going and If I had broken the fast yet etc..

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, thicker, stronger, more energetic, happy, healthy, wealthy, richer lol and make it to the workout in the morning, everything to be fine with family, friends and everyone around, and then have a relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, yet a productive Saturday tomorrow?

Goodnight, Good luck!

Ash Khaleem

“Alhamdulillaha kabira

Walhamdulillahi Kasira

Wasubhanalallhi Bukratam waseela.. “