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Trust your intuition. It never lies.

have you ever been on the brink of making a big decision that could’ve completely transformed your life, but then didn’t because you were too afraid?

Forย a long time I allowed fear to control me..

Fear of what others might think…

Fear that my work wouldn’t be good enough…

Inย high school, I actually LOVED getting creative in art classย ๐ŸŽจ

But after not too long I began comparing my own abilities to those around me.

Seeing the gifts of my friends should have encouraged me to work harder to be better, but instead I actually stopped trying. I even dropped the course altogether and was resigned to the fact that maybe I wasn’t that good after all.

Isn’t that devastating!

Iย wasted SO many years not putting my gifts to use because, in truth,ย I was afraid of failure.ย 

Imagine how much more creative I’d be now if I’d continued to use those artistic muscles!

If fear has ever held you back or allowed you to give up, I’d love for you to take on board the following two tips:

1.ย Acknowledge your fear – it’s totally ok to be afraid, it just means you’re on the brink of something great!

2.ย Reframe your fear – when you feel it rising, tell yourself ‘my body’s preparing itself for something big. It’s focused, its energised, now it’s time for action.’ By looking at your fear from a different perspective, you can use it to propel yourself forward.

Ifย you’ve secretly been dreaming of a big life change, maybe in your career or something else, please know you have the ability to do so – it already lies in your hands.

…Don’t allow fear to control you anymore!