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I hope your weekend went well.ย 

There’s nothing like a bit of a motivationย to get you startedย your week right, so I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on myself..ย 

“We’ve all been given the gift of being human, which gives us the beautiful capacity to live, to love, to grow and to give..

Giving is a powerful action to bring more money into your life, because when you are giving you are saying. “I have plenty.” It will not be surprising to you to learn that the wealthiest people on our planet are the greatest philanthropists. They give away vast amounts of money, and as they give, by the law of attraction, the Universe opens upย and floods vast amounts of money back to you multiplied.ย ย 


This week, give from a place of absolute love, empathy, unselfishness and true care. When you change someone else’s life, you change yours, too.

Have a great week ahead!