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Woke up at 7:30.. just came out of the bathroom and there were 5 miss calls from jiju and the call from the brother was just ringing.. I answered they wanted my address. they were already in the bank. Dad and mum traveled back from Srpt today back home to hyd.. Family always comes to the rescue.

Logged in work shart at 8. the all-employee meeting and then redacting most of the day.

had been raining the whole day the floor was still so wet and raining when I finished work to go for run. did many pushups during the day.

Lockdown is getting continued for another 6 weeks.. additional 1725 died of covid today. looks like my April plan to home will be in jeopardy and everybody leaving from UK has to declare their reasons for traveling adding people will be directed to return home.

01:20 – I just got carried away applying for OCR card overseas residence card. It was on my next list of the priorities applying for a card. As I just saw the online service is available.

3 things grateful for today

  • for being able to do anything online
  • for internet
  • for electricity.
  • what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times stronger and energetic tomorrow and have a productive day and week..

sleeping now.. good night.. It’s raining outside. the noise is beautiful and looks dark and my comfortable bed is comfy.. bye!