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🌈 399 – Thu 25 Feb 23:52 2021 


I can’t believe it’s 399.. Shame on me to write all these many. If only I’m helping anyone I suppose I hope. One inspiration I get from is this funny book I read when I’m the bathroom, this guy wrote this book, “he’s following a poet on one of the journey’s poet did in his lifetime and this author guy doing the same journey now and trying to feel those experiences reading those poems and spending the time in those places.. trying to feel like what that poet was feeling.. and he wrote this book.. my old flatmate left it in the flat..

Anyway, I woke up 8:30.. my iCloud memory was full for many many days and I was postponing it and I finally took the time out last night and it took soo long to sort all the cloud, photos deleting and then transiting into a new Icloud and all..

Ate a can of tuna.. mediated for 15 minutes.. a friend had messaged yesterday to meet today, It’s still the lockdown, I think he’s coming in town. ⠀I slept on yes then said no after the mediation..

rest of the day worked on the adwords campaigns updating the ad groups. I decreased all the budget for the campaigns today in order to achieve further reduction of the financing. Couple days ago, I did create new amazon listings in UAE market but it’s still showing as stock. unavailable for some reason. error on Amazon, I probably have to raise a issue.

2:30 updated Instagram post – “Stay humbled, Stay focused and Stay blessed”..

3:45.. left home towards St. thomas hospital. left the building walked up to 50 mts then walked back. It was cold I needed my hat. Went back and got my hat and then walked back. got there on time 4:35 pm was the covid vaccine time. I went there.. this nurse weas in the reception, I felt a bit funny for not asking how are you to her.. and then I got him, I was asked to wait, then this guy came and took a bunch of us all inside and then there were booths and boots rooms and 2 friendly clinical staff one gave me the vaccine name card what vaccine given and updating the system and other prepared the infection and gave me the vaccine.. the guy who gave me the vaccine.. he was cute and he was sweet. the first thing he said when I went into the room was.. after Hi, answer to how are you was.. he said, he had just Won a lottery and he had a lot of money.. I said, did you really. Congratulations.. such a good news.. he said, I will give a million of it.. and we had a laugh.. and the other one looked at us like what are these 2 guys doing romance here..

there were also 2 military guys wherein the vaccine center walking around, they were also helping. I didn’t get their picture..

3 things I’m grateful for

  • for all those people working day and nights preparing the vaccine.
  • for all those people working giving those vaccines to people
  • for the sky.

What would it take for me to and for you to wake up 10 times bigger stronger activer energetic and have a relaxing yet sweet productive day.. ? and everything that that is blocking that happening please get removed across all time dimension space and reality.

Nighty Nigyt .. Ash

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