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435 Thu 15 Apr 00:03 2021

Why is time going so fast today? It was just 11:58 and now it’s 00:01.. Knockin’ on Heaven’s door was on the radio it feels really good and peaceful.

woke up early 2nd day of fast.. Logged in work at 8:08 sharp, work was cool.

great great great great job done with iPhone and my 32,000 pix ..

People if you have iPhone and Mac, the easiest way to transfer pix from your phone to your mac is..

Go to the little magnifying glass search on the right of your Mac and type “Image capture” and connect your iPhone to Mac with the cable and you can export them all with Image capture. and Image capture already comes with every Mac’s software so it’s already built-in.

and people if you have Seagate portable storage or any Seagates memory or anybody if you attach a USB or a memory drive to your Mac and if it doesn’t show on your desktop, go this website and download Mac driver and restart your Mac and it will show. It took so many days of research for me so I hope it helps.

2nd day of the fast went well.

02:47 I just went make some spaghetti. foods eaten today since breaking fast at 8 pm are as follow..

Iftar – Breaking the fast with, Dates, Apples, and a glass of water.

Then I offered 3 Rakath Farz Maghrib Namaz then I ate a Can of Tuna..

Red Lentils cooked with Red Chilli powder, salt, oil, turmeric, ginger, and garlic paste with Rice and 2 carrots, 1 more Can of Tuna, Whey Protein shake, a couple of sips of apple juice, a handful of chickpeas, and 2 almonds a cup of tea

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for the energy to consume food.
  • for the existence of plants on our planet
  • and the mysterious Air..

What would it take for me and for you to wake up tomorrow and experience something really cool?